Monday, October 30, 2006


French word of the day; oublier
Meaning; to forget.
To say "I forget you" say "J'oublie tu.
To say, "I want to forget you" say "Je veux oublier tu."
Forgive any mistakes, I'm still learning French. C:

Song of the Day; Sympathique by Pink Martini

Current favorite anime; Revolutionary Girl Utena
Forty three episodes of confusing plot and strange animation. I love it. *o*

Firecide birds; A species of fantasy bird I made up. They're made of fire, and they feed off of solar energy. Like a pheonix, a mother firecide bird perishes in flame. She will set a tree on fire and lay two to three eggs in the flames. Firecide birds have incredibly short lifespans so the mother burns out after laying her eggs. The chicks hatch quickly because they're drawn to the heat of the fire outside their shells. After awhile humans took over the world, and firecide birds took to laying their eggs in buildings.

Drawing © Carmen Aistrup 2006


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