Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Haunted Junction

O. m. g. I really love that anime. WAIT! I forgot. @_@

French word of the day:
Oh Really?= a bon?
Ya rly= Oui bon.
Like the owl, you know?

Okay now for Haunted Junction. There are a few reviews on it, and it usually gets about three out of five stars. I give it at least four, or four and a half. C: People get put off by Mutsuki but I think she's awesome. She's my homie.

WELL it's about a high school located in the center of triangle of the temples of three different religions, so it has lots of spiritual power. It's inhabited by lots of ghosts called "school spirits". The Holy School Council, made up of the two sons and one daughter of the temples, watches over and keeps away problems related to the ghosts.

It sounds serious, but theres really only a handful of serious moments in all 12 episodes. XD The only thing that annoys me is how the President says "OH MY GOD!" at the end of every episode. It's repetitive and annoying.

Okay picture time. I did NOT draw these. >:

The council;

My homie Mutsuki and Nino! Lol Nino. he doesn't usually look like this but Mutsuki just stole his pants and made him wear shorts. :c
Pic from

So yeah that anime is pwnt. And I don't even usually like anime. I might upload my pics I drew of my as a HJ character buuuuut I might not. :c=


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