Friday, January 04, 2008

Irrelevant thought

I was thinking today. *SHOCKING*

It's so anti-productive to recruit dumb people for a cause. Convincing dumb people that your way is right is foolish because th person can lower the idea in three ways. a) They explain the issue to people in an uneducated way- IE, "I'm an animal rights activist, because otherwise people will step on puppies, and stuff." b) They will not spin the issue with enough positivity- IE "I support the troops because even if a bunch of people die, they died for a good cause." or c) They will lower it simply by being dumb. People won't respect them, and when they find out the person is a supporter of a certain cause, they wont respect the cause either.

Also, I support the telling of half-truths to children, including religion. Parents allow children to think that war is all about glory and freedom and that sex is all about love, so I see no reason that children shouldn't be taught that religion is all about love and heaven. It's not TRUE, but in every aspect of life, things are toned down for kids. I don't see why religion should be any different, but I've heard people say otherwise, so I thought I should throw that out there.

This is all irrelevant to me and my life. :3


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