Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Let It Stay

Hey, hey, let it stay
Let it chase the blues away
Butterfly shaped hearts
Are everybody’s favorite parts
Hey, hey, yesterday
I guess I somehow lost my way
Men who think little boys
Are nothing but pretty toys
they play all day long
And they know this song
When your ten you’re golden
At twenty one, you’re no fun
Hey, hey, boys in the sun
One plus one plus one
Remember that place
To go on rainy days
Hey, hey, let it stay
Let it chase the blues away.

!!IMPORTANT!! My friend Taylor(Antinon) wrote the most beautiful thing in the history of ever. It's an inpirational jounral, and EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE, should read it.

Also... another poem, sorry. It sounds like it's about one person, but it's two girls I know, actually. They're not very similar, but I love them both a lot. Thinking about summer, I'm sometimes reminded of them, in a that's mostly a feeling and not a thought. It's so tender that it aches. I always try to put it into words.... I think this is my closest attempt.

I want to lift the smell of summer from your skin
And braid it like ribbons in my hair
Walk barefoot with you, step for step
Over brown, sun warmed lawns
Breath full of spearmint, laugher and heat
Shadow dappled shoulders and sneakers on the stoop
Cars that soak up the afternoon
Your pale legs stick to the leather seat,
Belts that bite your baby folds, boy knees knocking
You doze to the drone of ebbing traffic
The Saturday sun dies in the west
You dream of the softly fallen feet on concrete
The whispering of children
And clotheslines
My darling in the dark

Btw, I have to memorize THIS and recite it for school. D: >


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