Saturday, December 16, 2006

DUH. TIM CURRY. :forehead smack:

French Word of the Day;
un ordinateur= a computer.
J'ai un ordinateur= I have a computer.
Ma ordinateur est mal.= My computer is bad. (But not mine! Haha! My dads going to get me a hard drive with 160 GB or something around there.)

Okay... I've been away... sorry. ^_^;

The point of this post is... I'm a retard. Lol. I've been waking up with the song "Toxic Love" from Ferngully stuck in my head every morning. You know, that movie about forests and fairies and some such? Well, I finally downloaded it and I still cannot get enough of it.

So finally I was like, "Why am I so addicted to this song? I mean, sure theres nice grindy industrial techy crap like Nine Inch Nails, but... I've been listening to the same song for the past three hours! Who sings this anyways?"

Tim Curry... hm. So I wikipedia'd him, like nobody who hasn't been living under a rock should have to do. And this was what I said then. "JDKLSJFB. ROCKY HORROR. TIM CURRY. DUH."

:forehead smack: I haven't felt this dumb since the time I was most ways through watching Doctor Who season 1 with the ninth doctor and finally going, "That captain Jack fellow seems rather gay, eh wot?" Maybe three episodes after he was introduced. XD; If you'd seen the show, you'd think I was impossibly dumb.

Have you HEARD Toxic Love? It should have been so obvious. I was getting a sort of Rocky Horror hunch when I finally decided to wiki it... but that was three hours after I started listening to it.


I drew this. C:

Me and my friend Selah LOVE that movie right now. That whoah. C: I love the pairing Betelgeuse/Lydia. I enjoy trying to figure out how the situation in the movie went to the situation in the show. I think Betelgeuse was released on probation or something and lurked around Lydia.

If I ever did a story about it, she would be resentful at first, but eventually the would become friends. Then one time BJ would do something wrong and nearly get called back to the Neitherworld, but Lydia would lie for him and he would get to stay. ^o^ Also, I think it's cute how in the cartoon, he always called her babes.

Another thing that's cool right now, actually, has always been cool... is Utena. Utena and Kimba are my only two SOLID fandoms. The others come and go.

I drew this for a shirt I never made... oops....

And another pic, this one from an art cd-rom. For more awesome pictures, go to The Gallery at Empty Motion, because it's a HUGE Utena art site. @_@ I could barely pic which picture to put on here, I decided on this one because their chow-mein stuff reminded me of acid rain, like in toxic Love. XD

TTFN, you loyal fanbase out there. (XD yes, that's a little inside joke with myself. Haha. Ha. Ha..... :C ....... I'm so lonely. Plz read my blog.)