Friday, December 22, 2006

When Skies are Grey

No idea why I put that as the title. Sorry.

French Word of the Day; Noel.
Um. It means Christmas.
Merry Christmas is proooobably Noel bon.
Hehe. sorry I'm terrible at French. u_u;

Watched the finale of Doctor Who today. I mean, I watched it on the computer a long time ago, but it's so much more real when you see it on tv. me and my friend Selah cried like wussies. My little brother made fun of us.

Okay... hm. OH! I'm working on my manga for the anime convention. The pages all all sketched, half of them are inked, and two of them are fully finished + the cover. Here's what I've finished so far;

Random morbid poem that I wrote;

Hey babes where are you going,
dressed in mary-janes and frills?
Well your inner child's showing,
and she's looking for a thrill.
But babes you must be loosing it,
or else you must be lost.
the city's just no place for this,
and your smile's all for naught.
You think you'll make the world change,
that's the kind of thing you do,
but babes just let the world hang,
or someone will hang you.


Blogger Bettsi said...

The manga is looking wonderful! I would make a few little changes to your poem in the punctuation department, but otherwise it's very good! Thank you for a lovely Christmas, dear firstborn!

12/26/2006 10:13 AM  

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