Saturday, October 20, 2007

Small One

Yesterday I watched an under-appreciated animated short called Small One. It's an early Walt Disney feature directed by Don Bluth. You can watch it one Stage6 HERE. It's a sweet story about a boy who has to sell his small, old donkey because his family can't afford to keep it anymore. At the end, it turns out... well, you'll just have to watch it to find out. C:

Also, THIS looks promising. :3

Last of all, I took the final step into being a huge prick. I made a how to draw. *gasp* It's absolute crap but I told my mom about it so now I gotta post it. x'D


Blogger Bettsi McComb said...

That was some good shit.

Seriously, I thought it was very helpful. Especially in getting people to open their eyes and draw what the see, not what they "know".

10/27/2007 8:27 AM  

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