Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Revolution

I was too tired to reach my window the other night so I could wish on stars, so I wished on angels instead, and promised them a poem in return.

This is that poem. It's about the angels wanting to overthrow God, and God gives them a test. The beginning isn't great, but I think it gets better as it goes along, so bear with it.

If every angel’s terrible, why do you welcome them?
To carry you to heaven or atone for your sins
To wish on when the stars have left on vacation
Guidance from those who sat in on creation
The middle men in God’s holy kingdom
Serving him without pay, freedom or reason
Do they ever get tired of the everyday grind?
The tedium of heaven, hell and mankind
From the corporate ladder, many have fell
Just go ask poor Lucifer, stewing in hell
God has the monopoly on heavenly power
But under his thumb, the angels turned sour
One day they confronted the Lord on his throne
God! They cried out, look what you have done!
The planet is dying and the people are evil
Nations are wrenched by death, wars and upheaval
And although we could save your favorite creatures
You leave all the saving to the mere earthly preachers
This is a mutiny, we’ll take jurisdiction
To cure earth of every ache and affliction
God simply sat and heard each of them out
Than said, I don’t know what this fuss is about
Every human affliction is caused by mankind
Caused by Adam and Eve at the dawning of time
The angels protested, that was so long ago!
And so many humans don’t even know
We have you outnumbered so please give it up
Or thousands of angels will have to get rough
So God said, Okay, but first let me see
Why you angels think that you’re better than me
I’m making a galaxy for you to design
Every rock, ocean and creature is yours to define
And whoever’s planet I deem is the best
will take the weight of the world off my chest
With this decree the angels were delighted
They began work at once, fresh and excited
For so long they’ve waited to create something new
A dream and a meaning for them to pursue
They worked many long years to prove their worth
And meanwhile, completely forgot about earth
But God didn’t forget and he did not forsake
His heart still wept for each human mistake
Every night he still hung the moon in the sky
And dragged ‘round the sun as the days went by
He watered the world with each coming spring
Watching the showers revive everything
But when people died, no angels did wait
To come and escort them to God’s grand estate
No angels replaced the vanishing stars
Granting wishes for wellness or shiny new cars
No longer concerned for the people below
No sign of the mercy they’d claimed to bestow
Till one day their creations were finally done
Some labors were lost and some others were won
The finalists smiled and wound up the clocks
Unclasped and unfastened each Pandora’s box
Put the final strokes on each sunset and sighed
And waited with confidence for God to decide
For each thought their own was surely the best
And that God would be deeply, greatly impressed.
First Gabriel was called to show off his work
He uncovered his planet and said with a smirk-
My world is lovely, tranquil and pristine
And I’ve decided to call my world Crystalene
For the mountains are diamonds rather than clay
And the sky’s filled with rainbows every day
The flowers are candy, the rivers are gold
The creatures are quite a sight to behold
Birds of paradise and sweet butterflies
Tigers with feathers and bright bliss blue eyes
The places are set, and soon you will see
What a marvelous, wonderful place it will be.
With a flick of his wrist the world started to spin
And many things began to happen within
Some birds puttered while other birds flew
Tigers peered ‘round with eyes of bliss blue
Rain started falling and rainbows appeared,
And it never stopped raining, year after year
It flowed down the mountains and melted the flowers
Flooded the valleys with relentless showers
It drowned all the creatures for they could not swim
For there was no Noah’s Arc that could rescue them
In no time at all the world was destroyed
And Gabriel was getting really annoyed
He cried, why did this thing happen to me?
My whole world engulfed by the gluttonous sea
But he bowed to the Lord and swallowed his pride
He conceded defeat, stepped politely aside
As Michael stepped forward to started to speak
My world is more practical but still quite unique
As you will all soon see for yourselves
The dominate species are to be called elves
Catlike in manor but human in frame
Clever like angels, restless like flames
They will grow to be better than even mankind
Their culture advanced, their manners refined
So he set it spinning and then he smiled
At his wonderful elves, still young and wild
They learned like humans, only quicker
Wheels turned sooner, fire flickered
Weeks passed and they grew smarter
Learned to garden, bargain and barter
Learned to kill and then to steal
When to stand up and when to kneel
Learned how to gamble, smoke and shoot
Then how to create, destroy and pollute
And when they had burned their entire world out
To turn to their righteous, holy and devout
And to wish on the angels to save them all
As their perfect society began to fall
The stars were hidden behind the shrouds
Of ghastly gray polluted clouds
Soon every elf withered, faded and died
From the havoc they had caused worldwide
Michael bowed and then conceded
That no-one could make a world like He did
The other angels fared mostly the same
And fell beside Gabriel and Michael in shame
When every world have been unveiled
And every angel had tried and failed
God gathered them ‘round and told them
This wasn’t to judge you, nor to condemn
So don’t get discouraged and don’t get upset
Let me teach you a lesson you’ll never forget
Ruling your own way is not what’s essential
It’s doing your job to your fullest potential
You abandoned the people of earth for fame
A shot at glory and heavenly acclaim
They angels felt bad for they knew it was true
In times of temptation, they hadn’t come through
Their righteous claims were insincere
Not important as they’d made it appear
So they gave up the upheaval of their own accord
And settled for being menial, upright, and bored
But every last angel did secretly wait
For the day that they would learn how to create
The secrets of life and of evolution
For a newer, better revolution.


Blogger Bettsi McComb said...

That was an awesome, amazing poem. If I didn't see you create it, I would say that no 17 year old could. But I do wish the angels had truly learned their lesson.

9/16/2007 6:57 PM  

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