Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dog World

I've decided that it's worth going through with- or at least proposing- an idea I've had for a long time. I'd always thought of it as "the dog zoo" but it gives people the wrong idea.

When everyone was a kid, they loved dogs. Don't you all remember how much you loved dogs? If someone told you they were taking you to a dog show, the dog park, or even the pound, it was a big deal. I remember also that as a kid I always wanted to go to the zoo, but was disappointed that I couldn't touch the animals. I thought, I wish there were a place with all breeds of dogs, and I could play with them too.

Well, that's what I want to create.

It's a place that you pay to get in, like a theme park or zoo, and is largely considered to be for kids. Like the title says- it's Dog World. Immediately through the gates is a large courtyard leading off to several indoor areas. My mom says it should look old fashioned street- like Lady and Tramp. Some of my ideas for the buildings are; a puppy house, a parlor for older dogs, a toy group section, a theater for lectures about different dog related things, and a gift shop. The "houses" are two stories, on the second stories are party rooms for birthdays and staff offices.

One can leave through the back of the houses and get into a bigger, outdoor portion of the park. The areas outdoors are divided up for different kind of dogs, and subsequently different people. Some young kids would be afraid of large dogs, so there would be a separate area for large dogs. Another area for "wolf-like dogs" because that's always been something I wanted, and other areas once I think of them...

My mom suggested a lake/pond/pool section where the kids can play in the water with retrievers and other water dogs. I think that's my favorite idea so far. Around the back would be kennels where the dogs sleep. So that the dogs outdoors and indoors don't get too tired and cranky, the dogs would be switched out periodically.

I really feel like it's an idea that could work, and would be something worthwhile to do with a lifetime... I just hope I have the dedication to make it happen someday.


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Those are some cute doggies!

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