Thursday, November 22, 2007

300 Trailers

Lol, who DRAWS anymore? X_X;; Instead, I've been watching Youtube videos and playing DockingStation/Creatures 3. I digress, I wanted to post these, because they're super cool. In a dorky way. x'3 There are by two of my favorite youtube users, Newborn and GrumpyGrim. it's the sound files of 300 trailers applied to clips from Bambi and Lion King.

ALSO. Go vote at this site, for your favorite Doctor Who pairing. I've noticed that the top 1 is usually pretty random. jack/Algy? Why? But don't vote before you watch THIS VIDEO, a Doctor Who short written by my current favorite DW writer, Steven Moffat. I didn't think the video was out yet, but THIS AWESOME DUDE posted it on his blog. it totally made my day. ^_^


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