Monday, January 08, 2007

Torchwood is the new cool

That's right. C: Torchwood is the spin-off series of Doctor Who. I saw the first season and it's really good. It's directed by Russel T. Davies so I guess it's no surprise.

(every time I think of him, I hear the words, "I'm in your fandom, gaying it up" in my head. Was it 2 the rating Gryphon who said that???)

WELL. This is a drawing of Owen.

Oh yah and JackxIanto is a really pimpin' pairing. Oh um random IM transcript that I found on their website. I was like lol //// but actually.... it's hard to slash that show.... it does it itself.... cos of the director. u_u Takes a bit of the fun out of it.

I drew Ianto and jack but the drawing sucks so I wont post it. I'm bollocks at realistic. :c It's on my dA account if you must track it down for whatever reason.

Spoilers? Maybe. :x
The episode with the real Jack Harkness made me cry like a wuss. AU PARADOX ROMANCE <3 A lot of episodes made me cry. The finale made me cry and then the very end made me go MFKLSNFJKND:JOY: and the bit w/ Ianto and Jack I was like awwww Ianto and Jack.

....... :nods off:


OH YES. I saw the Christmas Special of Doctor Who, The Runaway Bride. It was good. you should download it.

This is Vi aka Vienna aka Willow aka my other name which I no longer go by but I'll give you a hint it has Yellow in it, signing off from the most sleep deprived, ludicrous blog post I've ever written.

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Blogger NMBranch said...

Hi, just browsing through and stumbled on your site. Nice artwork, you have talent. Torchwood -is- really cool.

1/21/2007 4:02 AM  

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