Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day of Silence

Today is the Day of Silence. As you can see, I've decided not to take part this year. The thing is, I spend most of my day in school, which isn't really a problem. (I ignore my friends sometimes anyways, lol) The reason I didn't do it is this- My classmates are really tolerant of gays. Especially girls, but even the guys aren't harassed, except in the joking way that teenage boys always tease eachother. I've had people come up to me and ask if I was gay, and when I tell them I'm bi, they say that they support my lifestyle and all that. It might or might not make them uncomfortable, but the point is that they're polite and don't show it. This is one of the reasons that I love my school so much.

Not talking to anyone seems so rude to me, especially if they don't understand what's going on. A couple people at my school did it this year, and a lot of people had their feelings hurt, thinking they were getting the cold shoulder. I don't want to do it because it doesn't seem fair to disrespect the people who are so good to me by confusing them. It's like holding a protest in a city where everyone already supports the cause, except that you've managed to make the protest insulting to the supporters!

In short, I think it's fine that people do this, provided that they at least tell their family and friends in advance so they can at least prevent some hurt feelings. But I myself wont do it until I find myself in an environment that is degrading towards me or other gay people.

Well, that was terribly... important sounding. How very unlike me. Here's a picture of my fursona to show that I really am still a silly teenager without a care in the world. I'm a lemutt! Actually, I'm a ringtail. Civet cat. Miner's cat. Most people still don't know what that is. I want one as a pet someday. btw, although nobody will know what I'm talking about, there is nothing on this green green planet that is quite as embarrassing as your friends finding your fA or VCL account. There just isn't.

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