Saturday, April 28, 2007

To My Chemical Romance

I sent this email just a second ago. I had to send it to the email requesting info about My Chemical Romance, because I can't find ANY way to get mail to them personally, but I'm hoping the FAQ people will pass it along to them. C:

"Dear My Chemical Romance,

I am a reputable grave robber in my area. To my knowledge, you don't have any songs about grave robbers. A whole CD about dead and dying and dead people, and not a single song about us! I speak for myself and for other grave robbers when I say that you have disrespected our great profession. I suggest that you write a song about grave robbers and how awesome we are, posthaste, or we'll be visiting YOUR grave someday. =)

PS- I love your music! My favorite song is Kill all your Friends. Also, I'm happy for Mikey but I'll miss him.

With love, a pissed off grave robber

PPS- Please don't take this letter seriously, I don't want he police to show up at my house. That would be hard to explain to my parents. lol"

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Blogger Three Tales of Chemical Shut the Fuck Up said...

Hey, I see you like My Chemical Romance. So do I, that's why I've made a blog all about them. Check it out

Comment back perhaps?

7/01/2007 1:30 AM  

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