Friday, June 22, 2007

Lifetime Channel

..... is a horrible excuse for entertainment. Their original series all look terrible, even their upcoming comedy about therapists. Oh, I hear you all saying, "Carmen, how can you go wrong with a zany comedy about therapists?" But you CAN. Lifetime can.

If Will and Grace reruns didn't compel me, I wouldn't watch their channel at all.

Wanna see something horrible? A friend sent these pictures to me. :shudder:

Okay, that was too awful. To balance it out, I'll share a picture that I saved off of gaia the other day. I started playing, my otaku instincts kicked in and I started several anime folders. It's a strange custom, but when teenage anime nerds meet, they bond by exchanging computer folders full of anime pictures. I've exchanged yaoi folders with... Shelley, Toni, Monica, Selah, and Alex. XD;

My folders were disappeared one day when I was an idiot, and tried to stash the whole lot in a protected program file folder, and it zapped them. So, like an obsessive compulsive squirrel, I now re-gather crappy anime pics, most of which I care little about.

So, this is a cute little thing I saved. >w<


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