Monday, June 04, 2007

How novel!

I actually have crush on a boy at my school! A male. At my school. How novel is that? On Thursday, I saw him sitting at a table in my art class, where I hang out at lunch. HE'S FOREIGN. He was looking down his glasses at his art project and I was like, I need to talk to him, NOW. Apparently I have no problem talking to guys because I walked right up to him and asked him about his project.

He explained it in detail with this accent I couldn't place. I didn't listen to his words very well. I got shy suddenly and said I liked his art project and said I had to go. On Friday, I was too shy but right before the period ended I went over and pretended to want to talk to the guy next to him, Mason, who I kind of know. When the bell rang I asked the foreign guy his name. It's Michael, which doesn't sound foreign, but he IS.

He wasn't there today. I asked Mason where Michael was and he was confused. Poor Mason, I feel like I'm using him. Anyways, he didn't know. Later I asked if he knew if Michael had a Myspace or something, and Mason said probably not, since he's like an immigrant from Peru. They have myspace in Peru though. The girl next to me said, "I thought he said he was born in Rome?"

So, Peru or Rome. I don't know. I don't care. Omg omg. ♥ I'm such a teenager.

There's only three days left of school! Me and my friends are inviting everyone we know to Macdonald's on Friday, instead of school, cos they wont take roll on Friday. I'm going to ask Michael to come. I vaguely dread the end of school. What if I don't know him well enough by then?

Today a bit of the creek path was burned down. Luckily it was the non-creek side of the path, but it makes me sad. Me and Selah used to own that path, but a skunk moved in so we cant bring her dog back there now. We saw holes where it was burned, so assumed the skunk to be dead in the fire since the holes were even burnt a bit on the inside, but she called her friend who says skunks don't live in holes. Where, then?

Question of the day: Do skunks live in holes?


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