Saturday, June 02, 2007

I went to the zoo!

I went to the San Francisco zoo with my aunt and uncle today. C: It was sooo much fun. My favorite part was the lemur exhibit- Two of them were grooming each-other, and the others were just wandering around, startling other lemurs.

We went to Leaping Lemur cafe and I had Fish and Chips.

The lions were very handsome, and they lifted their heads to pose for our pictures before going back to sleep. In the next cage over was a tiger eating a tree.

When we left the zoo, we went to this plaza that I don't remember the name of. There we went into Macy's and went up the escalators until we got to the eighth floor, and suddenly we were in a restaurant called the Cheesecake Factory. They had handsome Indian waiters, and good food, I wish I had been more hungry though. All I could manage was a piece of Raspberry Lemon swirl cheesecake.

The plaza was holding an art gallery, but I didn't like very much of it.

San Fransisco has very interesting people, it's good for people watching. I want to live there. Of the people I saw, here are some that I remember- many groups of hip Japanese teenagers, a tall boy in a fedora who looked like my friend's ex-boyfriend, a gay couple with a spoiled little dog in clothes that made me laugh, a man in a suit having a smoke in the sort of indents in the side of a building, a man and a woman wearing the same style of clothing (a brown sweater sort of thing that I fancied) but did not seem to know each-other, and were just coincidentally walking near.

Question of the Day: What is the algorithm and why did it kill Jeeves?

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Blogger Bettsi McComb said...

LOL, what a great post. I wish I knew about the algorithm.

6/10/2007 8:35 PM  

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