Sunday, June 03, 2007

the Used

I've been listening to the Used today, cos I saw the music video for the Bird and the Worm. I now have the irrational fear of drowning in my couch. I'm not much of a fangirl for bands, so I don't know that much about Bert Mckracken (aside from that I love him) but does anyone else think he might have a hopelessly unrequited crush on Gerard Way?

I think they might have had a thing once, but Gerard got sober and got out, and Bert never moved on. From what I've read, Bert acted like a little kid throwing a tantrum and Gerard was mature about it, which probably made Bert more mad.

Also, I think Bert is a bit obsessed with him. I heard the song Handsome Awkward is about Gerard, and although I don't know the lyrics, Bert still wrote a song about him. That says it all. Also, in the music video... blond hair? Does that sound familiar? Well, GERARD did that recently too. It could be thought that Bert is imitating him, in a way that is jealous, bitter, and possibly a bit lovesick.

When I talk about it, it seems like I don't have enough proof, but it's more of a FEELING I get. Even if I take out the slash, it's obvious that Bert feels very strongly towards Gerard- definitely jealous but also bittersweet affection, while Gerard just vaguely pities Bert.

I haven't been posting art... here is some. I copied the eye. It is Bert's eye.

I just found this icon while I was uploading the pics, it's Gerard and Bert in the good old days.


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