Friday, July 06, 2007

OoOoO issa premier!

Season three of Doctor Who premiers tonight! Of course, I cheated and watched ahead online, but... still, it's a big deal. C: They're re-running season two for the better part of the day, and I started watching some of it... I don't care what anyone says, I loved that season. Except the Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. And everyone seemed to LOVE those! D:

Also downloading Haunted Junction again. I missed Mutsuki terribly, and her gum chewing, snarky attitude. :D It's like reuniting w/ an old friend.

It may seem like all I do during the summer is watch stuff. It's not true. I also try to avoid people (failingly so) and draw a lot more stuff.

I found this poem I wrote under my bed, when I was getting ready to bring in the new one. C: Poetry is so embarrassing, and yet I keep doing it!

A is for apple, as these always begin
B is for beauty that’s hidden within
C is for Charlie, who is the real me
D is for daring, which I could never be
E is for end, like the end of a book
F is for failing to maintain the “look”
G is grabbing the moments I’ve got
H is for hiding the moments I’ve lost
I is for inventing the person I am
S is for sorry I don’t give a damn
K is for keyboard that I pound away at
L is for looking a little bit fat
M is for mother who loves and protects
F is for never, ever forget
O is for opting to see the full half
P is for pining to hear someone’s laugh
Q is for quibbling, I try to do none
R is for races I never have won
S is for saving the letters not sent
T is for trouble, and rules that I’ve bent
U is for Utena, who taught me be to be brave
V is for various things that I’ve saved
W is for wishing on stars in the sky
X is for xtra sh0rt w0rds L1k3 kthnx &B1
Y is for yawing too much during class
Z is for ze end of this poem at last.


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