Monday, June 25, 2007


Did I spell that right? Never mind. Well, I wanted to to say.... I LOVE U RUSSELL T DAVIES. I'M SORRY THE DOCTOR WHO FANDOM IS MEAN TO YOU!

Apparently I'm under the misconception that if I talk in all caps, he'll hear me all the way from Britain. x3 Anyways... I think it's terrible that the whovians are so mean to him. He practically dredged that show up from the dead single handedly, and the fans are so ungrateful... they treat him like a bumbling idiot when he writes an episode.

I'll admit, sneaking slash hints in between the Doctor and the Master may be out of line, but RTD sure knows how to move a plot. And I love him. So there.

(PS- that doesn't justify Queer as Folk. I hated that show.)

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