Saturday, August 18, 2007

Puppy Saix

Haha, doing this post just to show off a new drawing that I like. C: A famous deviantart artist decided that Saix acted like puppy in her comics, so I drew Demyx and Saix puppy. I wouldn't usually post it here, cos it's probably considered slash, but I really like the coloring on this one.

EDIT: aforementioned artist commented and favorited the picture, then deviantart watched me. I was more shocked then happy, and then I just felt sad because Nikki was jealous. Oh well... finaly got around to drawing Cino, from the Epidemic (Osmosis Jones fangroup)

Also, Axel and Roxas as lions. And a sea-salt ice cream, which were a big thing in Kingdom Hearts 2, if you never played. I think those would taste terrible. @_@


Blogger I Rock, said...

i love the lion picture! ^^ and i was the same about the ice cream then i tried some and it was good, really! its surprising, but yeah. and i always did think of saix as a puppy

3/24/2008 4:15 PM  

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