Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting better

Sometimes life if bad, and then people do stuff like this, and it makes like worth living. My friend Inko did that... it's her awesome virus, Salin, and his adventures in the human body. I demand that anyone reading this blog GO WATCH IT. It even won an honor on youtube.

Antinon is fine... she was just leaving dA... and didn't bother to EXPLAIN ANYTHING. x_x But I love her so much, I forgive her completely. And I even feel bad about harassing her.

I made up a Thrax back story, there's a picture to go along with it. :3 I love stealing people's characters and doing whatever I want to them.

When Thrax was born, it was just before the immunities chased down his father and killed him. They then went looking for his nest, and found baby Thrax and his dead siblings and mother. (Read my description of Parasites to understand. Oh, wait, this is my blog. Actually. Just be confused by this part, okay? lol)

One of the cops wanted to follow regulations and kill him, but the other pleaded to let him raise the baby to see if he couldn't change.
So they put heat-proof bandages around Thrax's hands and the cop raised him into his family. When Thrax was old enough, they removed the bandages and told him that he must never, ever touch anything with the intention to harm. No fighting at all. But the other cells didn't accept Thrax, so he was ignored, feared and bullied from the time he was allowed out of the house.

A particular bully named Slick and his thugs tormented him constantly, until once day he finally lashed out. This is what happened.
After that an angry mob came after Thrax, who panicked and killed them all. In the confusion he killed his own foster family, who had only come to help him. When he found out later, he because so distressed that he burned the whole city down and left.

Dark, huh? Well, that's okay, it gets better after he starts meeting other viruses. They have a lot of zany fun. :3


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