Sunday, August 26, 2007


As the first weekend of the school year draws to a close, I feel strangely fulfilled. Despite the weekend being devoid of any real life interaction, I did a lot of talking on MSN, which is the messenger I use for my Osmosis Jones fanverse friends. The main people I talked to this weekend were Torrent and Blue (the two guys in the group) and Nikki and Hasta. Of course I talk to Nikki all the time, though...

In any case, it was oddly relaxing. Me and Blue talked about the Epidemic, fight scenes, future rp plot, and the evils of the emo subculture. He makes me feel like one of the guys. C: Torrent and I talked about furries and art and other random stuff... he's my big kitty. <3 Hasta threw several Paris Hilton-like hissy fits and was generally a pill, but I love her anyways. And Nikki, as always, was a doll.

Sometimes we conferenced and sometimes we chatted one on one, but I came away with the feeling like I knew them all better. I wish I had time to do this with all my internet friends. I'm working on a picture of me, Torrent and Nikki chilling on MSN. or should I say Charlie, Alexander and Soda Pop?)

Well, sorry for the pointless update, but I just wanted to share how good and perfect this weekend felt. Well, toodles~ <3


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