Sunday, May 13, 2007


I think I've managed to fight with my parents for EVERY holiday this year + last Christmas. Not to mention, this is MOTHER'S day. Well, that's it. Holidays can just suck it. I should become a Jehovah's Witness just so I don't have to celebrate them, but then we would fight about that every holiday. Also, I'm cranky because my new wisdom tooth hurts and Doctor Who isn't coming on today, and also I wish my mom would yell at me instead of crying every time we argue.

Anyways. Happy Mother's Day, not quite as horrible as I made Christmas, but I've managed to make it suck pretty hard anyways.


Blogger Mai said...

'I hope when you grow up you'll have a daughter just like you, so you'll know what it feels like(sob) can you do this to me after all I've sacrificed for you(sob)'...shall I go on?

Have you ever tried frying ramen instead of eating it in soup? It's really good.

Suggestion: my experience is that the best comments come from 'anonymous'

5/13/2007 9:36 PM  
Blogger Bettsi said...

You didn't make me cry! Sometimes we don't see eye to eye. We don't have to yell or cry about it. I love you. You did not ruin Mother's Day. You're not the Grinch you know! I think I just piss you off more easily these days. It's probably nature's way of making it easy for you to leave the nest. I love you. You're not going to make me stop by arguing with me. xoxoxo

5/14/2007 3:18 PM  
Anonymous crystal said...

Is your mother menopausal? If so, that's why she cries about everything. Just wait a few years and she'll be back to "normal".

5/15/2007 9:38 AM  

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