Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh dear, music videos

One of the recent things springing up all over the internet is music videos. I'm not talking about professional ones, I mean videos where people take a song and arrange clips to it. Like, in an anime music video (amv) someone might cut up episodes of Naruto and arrange the parts so they follow the song. Generally, I don't like them. I don't watch them. But.

One of my friends, Rachel, is really popular on the internet for her Naruto amvs. Lately I've been wanting badly to make a music video for Doctor Who, to a song called First Day of my Life, cos it would be so sweet. So I asked her to help. As it turns out, it's simpler than I thought, but VERY time consuming! I made my first amv, but it took 4-5 hours.

That doesn't seem so long, until you remember that none of it is even original material. It's all cut form other sources. The problem are- transitions, figuring out where to put which clips, and bloody glitches. Tedious stuff. But actually, even the process was pretty fun. So, anyways... HERE'S MY FIRST MV.

Heehee, I never thought I would say that!

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