Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Mouth... because I know you want to know.

Well, today I had my oral surgery. At least it wasn't like last dentist visit, when i was pulled out of class unexpectedly, because I had forgotten. Surprise dentistry! Nope, I've had days to worry about this one. I had to have a baby tooth removed, but it was to be surgical because the roots were in my sinuses. I also had to have a VERY decayed tooth pulled out near my molars.

The put me under anesthesia because it was going to be too stressful. It was 300 dollars, just for the anesthesia, so my mom's like, "You'd better enjoy it." Lol, well, I can't say I enjoyed it, but I sure was grateful to not be awake. It was an IV knockout, so that... was bad. You know how people say they can't give blood because they're afraid of needles? They've got nothing on me- I have a genuine phobia. I was making retarded whimpering sounds while they were hooking me up, and I think the terror sort of... stayed, as I went to sleep, because I started crying as soon as I woke up.

The surgery didn't worry me a bit, but that needle...

Well, when I got home, Selah had left a new Mylar (pairing name from Heroes- Sylar/Mohinder. If you don't like it, just, don't tell me. x3;) fanfiction on my desktop. She's so good to me. C: And also, I've been playing the Sims 2 a lot. I have to families that I've been playing- Landgrabb (sp?) and Wolf. If you have Sims 2 Open for Business, you know who Landgrabb is.


First I played Jason and Rose from Sims 2 Seasons, and they had three kids. (Daisy, Jasmine, and Jazz) Then I had Jasmine go through college and get married to Malcolm Landgrabb. They have two children, twin boys named Jarred and Jeremy. They both take after their father, although Jarred is more ruthless and career driven, while Jeremy just wants to provide for a family someday. They have a big dog named Dio who was sold to Malcolm by Rose, before he married Jasmine.

My other family is one I made up, mostly to test out all the awesome skin tones and demon horns I downloaded from ModtheSims. They're a family of rush-demons who were banished from their kingdom for spending too much time with humans, so their punishment was for them and all their descendents to live out a mortal lifetime before returning to the demon realm. To humans, rush-demons have strange behaviors, such as strange eating, breeding and living habits, so they have some trouble fitting it. One of these strange behaviors is that the head of the household often has several partners and has LOTS of children, as many as possible. The amount of children a demon has is a symbol of their status.

Their household has Gabito (pronounced like Italian, Jah-bee-toe), Babbit, and Umber. Gabito is head of the household and is, like Malcolm, a ruthless businessman. Umber is his teenage daughter. Babbit is, for lack of a better word, their pet. He's a bit dim, eager to please, and very nurturing. His lifetime goal is to raise 20 kittens, so I bought him two cats named Slick and Sealink, and he takes care of them and their kittens, which he gives to good homes when they're old enough.

Gabito and Babbit had 2 twin girls (because Rush-demon males can apparently give birth and because I as too lazy to make a wife for Gabito. XD) who are named Claidi and Iris. Iris is as kind and nurturing as Babbit, but more intelligent, and she wants to change the world someday. Iris is cold and ruthless, far more than Gabito, (who's been growing soft in the human world) and she wants to own the world. Now that the girls are about ten, Babbit is pregnant again. (actually, this is very unusual, since he would usually be preggers again by the time why were walking, but I couldn't stand anymore sim babies)

Anways, the plan is to have the twin girls and the twin boys meet up in college. C: I think I'll have Jeremy marry Claidi and Jarred marry Iris.

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Blogger TeenageHermit said...

I'm SO IN LOVE with the Sims 2 right now! It's like an addiction or something! Since you talked about your awesome families I'm gonna breifly mention my lame and normal ones.

The one family is a guy and a girl and they have twins..Those twins are driving me CRAZY!! THe girl's name is Sarah Moon, the guy is...Dameion Moon and the twins are Naomi and Niki! The girls are cute (and look asian for some reason...The girl's black and the guy is white..I don't know where asian comes in..) but annoying. Sarah's a lazy bum (with a family aspiration and doesn't take care of the kids!) with Dameion is sexy and does everything for his girls...Since the tods are annoying, I made another family.

This family is two dudes! YES YES YES! It's kyle and...I forgot the other guy's name! Oh man! Anyway, so, Kyle was a really pissy bitch in the beginning, since he didn't like it when...the other guy played games with him, but soon after forcing the two to talk, the did it! A couple times! And now they live in a big mansion with a daughter named Camryn...I need to add more stuff to the mansion though...Cause it's HUGE!
Well, I'm gonna go play the Sims now..bye!

5/05/2007 1:35 PM  

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