Monday, July 09, 2007


Was tempted to spend the rest of my life sitting around my parent's house, drawing dogs and eating eggs, but realized that it would never work because I'd get tired of eggs. Also, I want a puppy.

Nikki is busy not talking to me on YIM today, which SHOULD be alright since she's spending the night tomorrow, and then she's stuck w/ me. But I am NOT a reasonable human being so it is not alright. So I was cranky and left to make eggs with a huffy brb message. That'll teach her! When I came back she had posted "oO Okay."

So I left a wounded, witty message that goes as such, "Although you don't seem to care, much, at all, sorry I'm cranky today. I'm not even feeling well enough to gag myself w/ a toothbrush as I brushed my teeth, or piss and moan about my eggs being too brown. :/ It's a new low. But! I'll play sims now and project my miseries onto them, and I wont have to bug the piss out of you anymore. :<" I then did not play Sims, rather, I moped around and licked my wounds.

Later she said she was in the shower, then apologized, and I was forced to admit that I really am just a bitch today.

I don't know what my problem is. Ima chill out now though. C:


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