Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good morni- er, afternoon

I woke up at 1:30 today, but that's okay for once, because Nikki is coming over and I don't want to spend all morning waiting. She's staying until... Thursday? I would kill any of my other friends for staying so long, but I don't see Nikki enough so it's okay. C:

I finished the rough draft of a comic for fA. I'm coloring it now. However, it makes WillowWhiskers feel unproductive so I'm also doing a 69 Nickels comic on the side. (Kudos to anyone who remembers/knows what that is)

I decided that I, like Selah, have different personalities for my usernames. These are the best way I can describe them. This blog is mostly Vienna talking I think. ^_^ I have one more username, but I always have one hidden username, just in case I want to post something that might offend my friends or rip off one of their ideas. XD

Vienna is my inner child
WillowWhiskers is an artist
Yellowcat is a furry
Stereoactive is electric


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