Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bright Eyes and Cocorosie

This post would better be called, "Music with soul". Not the bands, but actual music.


Well, everyone hates Cocorosie. I mean, come on, what's to like? Her voice is creaky and weak, and the instrumentals seem to be a guitar and various children's toys. In fact, from a review I read of their live performance, it IS children's toys.

But I love them.

Honey and Tar, By Your Side, Butterscotch, and Terrible Angels are my favorites. I don't want to see the band, because I have my own image of who the singer is.

She's a housewife, terribly unimportant but somehow strong. I can see her as any nationality, in any country. But in every song, it's the same woman. She sings in a reedy voice while she takes care of her children and does housework.

I want to describe her better, but it's impossible. If you want to listen to the band, god forbid, try the cd "La Maison de Mon Reve".


Bright Eyes... much more popular than Cocorosie, but actually still a much unloved band. More reedy vocals set to either lazy guitar or elaborate, driving tunes. Some song are interrupted by static, ringing phones, crying babies, and other strange sound affects.

These songs always seem to teeter on the edge of sanity, most pointedly in the cd "Fevers and Mirrors." The songs seem a little neurotic, a little deep. However, it seems less like an acid trip and more like a caffeine driven, twenty-something poet. He's young, with his heart on the outside so things touch him deeply. His emotions are powerful and he expresses them fully.

The songs always seem to have meaning in the end, which are generally felt even without listening to the words.

I have a niece cries whenever she hears First Day of my Life. When I heard the song A Calander Hung Itself for the first time, I felt very neurotic and sick. Land Locked Blues makes me feel wistful for some odd reason, and Arc of Time makes me feel happy and hopeful when I hear it.


While neither of these bands are technically very good, in most people's opinions, I think that it's their spirit that draws people to them.

Also, they're a couple of my favorite bands, and I've been meaning to mention them for weeks. I guess I finally did, big time. XD


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