Thursday, May 24, 2007


I had the inexplicable urge to call this post 'Morning' so I decided to do it. However, it's actually afternoon. Today I told my friends sod off, so i could have some me time. I'm currently basking in my solitude. C: I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to tell everyone that.

Does anyone think I should get a booth at a sci-fi convention? The one in my area is a bit bollocks, but I'd have to go somewhere near enough to ride a train to. But Selah likes sci-fi too, so she'd go with me. I could make merchandise with sci-fi fanart or original art that I draw. Anything left over I could try to pawn off on ebay.

Also, I'd have to scrape together money for the booth, but it would probably pay for itself... and if not, it would still be fun. What do you think?

Speaking of conventions, I have a picture of me and Selah at the last anime con. We wanted to buy hats, so we sat on a corner and did art commissions. She bought a black beanie like hat with fuzzy cats eats and fuzzy balls like on Eskimo hoods. I bought a black captains hat from a little gothic lolita booth. C:

Don't be fooled by the names, I got this off her page. The girls in the Tom Baker scarf is actually me, she's the one with the bangs.

Aren't we such cute little artists? C: I sort of like candid pictures of myself, although I don't like my haircut in this, and hat horrible velvet jacket. :bleh:

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