Saturday, July 14, 2007

My house is so empty

Day two of being alone in my house. Already talking to myself fluently and leaving the door open w/out thinking about it. it's getting kind of lonely, my house is starting to smell weird, and I'm paranoid that feeding the animals a million times a day isn't enough. Took me like twenty minutes to find that white cat and it's food dishes.

Did not do my comic because I found a new fandom and that makes me lazy. D: When people grow up and have kids, can they still do the fandom thing? Or is that too weird? It's hard to explain fandom hopping to people who don't. It's just moving from one show/movie/book to the next, because you LOVELOVELOVE them and need to obsess over it for awhile. Here are the fandoms I can remember being in off the top of my head, going in order as far as I can remember, ♥s on the ones I spent the most time or effort in.

The Road to El Dorado
♥ Kimba the White Lion
♥ The Vampire Chronicles
Gorillaz (band)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Stargate SG1
♥ Utena
Kingdom hearts
Doctor Who
♥ Xiaolin Showdown
The Used (band)
Azumanga Diaoh
Haunted Junction
♥ Pokemon (almost life-long)
♥ Torchwood
All Dogs go to Heaven
♥ Heroes
Air Gear
Osmosis Jones

Wahhhh my life is just a series of movies and tv shows... how sad. At one point, I noticed that all my art was of my friend's characters. I guess I had a suck up phase. Now I'm so rude that I'm not even working on t-Daimon's request. XD

Instead I drew this. THRAXSIN IS MY NEW OTP. lol I made up a Mary Sue, that's so sad.

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