Saturday, July 21, 2007


Totally forgot to post this. It's Sin, looking out of a window (it looks like the windows in the eyes, but has a view of the heart and ribs) with scratches/scars. HUM odd, it's not like we know any characters with big scary nails that cause burn-like cuts, do we? lol.

Last night I watched the commentary on Osmosis Jones. TERRIBLE commentary. Every so often they would pop in with an interesting fact, but mostly it was long silences and the obnoxious producer (who seemed to know very little about the movie) telling people how much he liked this part. The best thing was finding out who kept putting off-color details in the background, who was a famous animator named Tom Sito.

I'm ashamed to say that I emailed him to ask him for advice on animation, but only after reading his articles and weeping. It took all my effort not to wail, "2D ANIMATION CAN'T BE DEAD, IT ISN'T FAIR!" at him.

I did, however, work in a question about fandom after becoming an animator. I've always avoided trying to contact the people who make the things I love, because I'm worried they'll say, "Oh yes, I saw some nasty-ass fanart of my own characters just the other day..." and then it'll turn out to be mine. But it was one in the morning and I was impelled by his good nature and... awesomeness.


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