Wednesday, July 25, 2007

oooh deep.

Have you ever noticed that the meaning of life is obvious? Everybody lives to be happy. They do everything in their power to be happy. Everyone has a terminal disease, everyone is dying... and we're all just trying to make ourselves as comfortable as we can. It seems like such a morbid thought, but it doesn't make me terribly sad.

The emo voice in my head has really got a foothold lately. I don't really know how to justify it. Luckily the voice of motivation and the voice of random dark fandomy things voice have equal grip, and it makes for a kind of balanced insanity.

One of my computer fans died, so I've been keeping my room really cool... which means I'm wearing my army jacket again. C: It's like an old friend.

I wish I had more productive thingies to upload though. :<


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