Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Teh wot

First things first. Two poems. This one came from a dream last night... I can't remember the dream, but this was in my head when I woke up.

For every patriot who sings
who's banner waves and freedom rings
to those who shout, God save the queen!
Let every patriot be told
and every person young and old
let it be published, pressed and sold
that God has killed the queen.

Now, one more, wrote it in a bit of a haze while moping a bit ago.

All the listlessness and anger
All the intrigue and the fear
And the babes that you call you darling
and the dolls who call you dear
And the sound that passing time makes
As year slides into year

For who
Do you
Cut your

That last part about the hair comes from a Cocorosie song that I've never heard... for some reason... it moves me.

I put 'teh wot' as the title to stop myself from calling it something obnoxiously deep, like.... LIFE. or... ILLUSIONS.

So I've talked to someone from an art college, who told me about the classes and prices. They're too expensive. I don't have money. However, I'm told that with a shitty job I can pay for an American River bachelors degree in Graphic Arts (or animation if they have it), but who's going to hire someone from an AR college when they have the entire CA arts college to chose from? Even Don Bluth likes them better... that sounds like I'm bitter, but no, I don't even want a job with Don. He's a flunkee. Disney has him whipped.

And Disney likes cheap labor.

The whole college system is just more of the fiberglass layers that people put over life, to hide the fact that we don't understand what's underneath. People say that humans make order out of life, but they don't... they just add layers.


Sorry about that, it looks like one of voices in my head is an emo... how awful for you. Luckily, I think I've driven it away with liberal use of offensive language. Thang god, because I've got fandom... news. C: For one thing, my OJ dvd shipped! Now I just have to wait for it to get here. For another, I have the list of virus OCs thus far.

1 Thrax by Warner Bros
2 Sin by willowwhiskers
3 Hazz by spoozer
4 Ebola by editor-san
5 Salin by bleedingcrow
6 Sahbar by shaku-chan

Okay, donno why I thought that list was necessary, and it took a bit of time to format for this site... so at least click on the character names, alright? At least Thrax? C:

Oh, and I forgot! I have to introduce the newest member of the group- a rabies virus named Sahbar. I have trouble remembering that, though, so I call him Sabby. He's by Shaku, who's link is above. <3

On a final note, I'll be makign a virus OC club on dA soon... I'll link to it when I do!


Blogger Bettsi McComb said...

I am now officially caught up with Vienna! FAbulous, witty girl that she is! ♥♥♥

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