Thursday, July 19, 2007


Since Nikki got her Playstation 2, I kinda miss talking to her all day. She comes back for a break sometimes, and I just get into a conversation with her before she has to go back. Well I understand, she's wanted that system really badly, but it's just kind of... I donno. Lonely. D:

Selah is getting back on Tuesday! ^_^ I'm probably going to spend the night, but parents need asking.

I talked to Inko (yes, she does go by Inko...) about collages yesterday. She's an 3d modeling major in San Fransisco, and she's graduating in a few weeks. She gave me a few tips on getting into college, and I feel a lot better after talking to her. She was like an angel. C:

Newly updated virus list! Including one from my friend Sara...... she rocks so much. Please click on that one at least!

1 Thrax by Warner Bros
2 Sin by willowwhiskers
3 Hazz by spoozer (Nikki)
4 Ebola by editor-san
5 Salin by bleedingcrow
6 Sahbar by shaku-chan
7 Ach by Arisa-Weasley
8 Trojan Virus by SuperKusoKao (Sara)
8 Gelb by Raccoonpup (Inko's sister!)

Also, THE dA CLUB IS UP! And. Not running. lol. Shaku-chan made it pretty for me though, now I just have to figure out how to run a club. HERE'S THE CLUB!!

I drew a couple pictures today. The first is a gift for my girly Antinon because she's been sick, and I want her to feel better soon. <3 This is a comic of her old characters, well, hers and mine. They were our love children. x3

And then I drew Shaku's character, Sabs. <3 He's such a spazz, I love him. I LIKE THE WAY YOU MOVE by teh Bodyrockers.


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