Sunday, July 22, 2007


Sunday is the day that the Jehovas Witnesses come to my door and give me a short lesson about religion. This Sunday I'm going to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. Also, this Sunday, Nikki is getting back from camping. YUS!

No news. I can't post any drawings because last night I discovered that the only way to break my short artist's block was to draw garbage. Basically, I did two reasonably good drawings, but one was slash and one a macabre drawing of baby viruses... hatching. D: So. Nothing for now.

After that though, I sketched a really cute picture of Lux and Ach, so I'll post that later.

OH OH my Osmosis Jones soundtrack came in the mail! So I've been listening to Break U Off over and over very loudly, and also Cool, Daddy Cool. Of the four songs I wanted, only two were there. I managed to find Fever on Napster but couldn't find the remix of Hot Blooded anywhere. :weep: Fever makes me die with happiness. I'm not a big Elvis Fan, but I am for this song. :WIGGLE: (EDIT: I forgot to mention what is this. I don't think I've said it here before. Wiggle is an action akin to a dog wagging it's tail.... when something pleases me, I sort of... I donno, wiggle.)

Okay this entry is even less mature than usual, because I'm using it as an excuse to be lazy and not color....


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