Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is getting rediculous

Haha, I say ridiculous, but I mean awesome. Two more people made Fan characters of diseases! But first, this is the real life portion of the entry...

Yesterday I was so jumpy, everything stressed me out. And then last night I couldn't sleep at even four in the morning. Somehow I got there eventually, but I think I either put myself Christmas mode, or set my nerves even higher. At eight o'clock this morning I went from deep sleep to fully awake in no seconds flat, then oddly, looked through my window? It's overcast out there. It reminds me of that book, by either Dean Koontz or Stephen King, in which aliens come and kill of a bunch of people with the environment, except for the children. What is that called? It's going to bug me now... Anyways, I woke up sweaty, disjointed and confused, so I wonder if maybe I had been dreaming.

My mom is really loosing weight now. It's actually noticeable. I think I'm getting jealous... jealous enough to diet? :o Maybe.

But fandom-wise, which is what I'm interested in right now... huzzah for creating a bandwagon! The new members were created by my internet friend Sarah and one of the old leaders of the OJ fandom, Bleedingcrow. Bleedingcrow and Mars3 are some of the few established members of the fandom that don't creep me out, so of course I immediately threw myself at their feet. Sarah had been in the fandom too actually, so even she had seniority over me. Oh well...

So these are the character sheets, not drawn by me of course. C: I would like to tell you about their personalities but it would just take too long. I'll link to their pages in the titles if you're interested. :3

EBOLA by Sarah

SALIN by Bleedingcrow

I made a body chart! I spent too long on it, though, so it now looks bad to me.


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