Friday, March 16, 2007

Alex is Linderman. Weird. :C

I, um, weird. Okay. So the guy who played Alex is Clockwork Orange... plays Linderman... in Heroes. Well, it boggles my mind. here's a picture of a brain okay.

It's for a school thingy. C: I need a window now... or a shadowbox...

Omg, it's late and I need to finish my homeowrk. I think I'm going to OD on Mylar... Sylinder... um. You know. That crazy pairing from heroes that I've grown a fondness for. Too bad Sylar probably just KILLED MOHINDER. But... the subtext was there, right?

It's weird, but some people say that Mohinder's skewered to the ceiling and dead as a doornail, and some people say he's just pinned there by telekineses, with nothing more than a head wound. But each say this with utmost confidence! they have no doubt about it, and I have not found any debating over it. It's as if people are just picking whatever they're comfortable with and leaving it at that. :< I find it odd.

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