Friday, August 31, 2007

If you walk away, I'll walk away

This is a good song. It's called Landlocked Blues by Bright Eyes. A lot of my inspiration comes form either Bright Eyes or Cocorosie... quite a few emotions and stories and drawings were spawned while listening to this. When I cant sleep, I sometimes sing it to myself until I can. Just thought I would share it with you.

Many many pictures that I haven't uploaded.... here we go.

My new fursona
Me and my cat, Bob, in the morning
Me and Nikki. C:
Me, Nikki, and my new big kitty, Alexander

Sunday, August 26, 2007


As the first weekend of the school year draws to a close, I feel strangely fulfilled. Despite the weekend being devoid of any real life interaction, I did a lot of talking on MSN, which is the messenger I use for my Osmosis Jones fanverse friends. The main people I talked to this weekend were Torrent and Blue (the two guys in the group) and Nikki and Hasta. Of course I talk to Nikki all the time, though...

In any case, it was oddly relaxing. Me and Blue talked about the Epidemic, fight scenes, future rp plot, and the evils of the emo subculture. He makes me feel like one of the guys. C: Torrent and I talked about furries and art and other random stuff... he's my big kitty. <3 Hasta threw several Paris Hilton-like hissy fits and was generally a pill, but I love her anyways. And Nikki, as always, was a doll.

Sometimes we conferenced and sometimes we chatted one on one, but I came away with the feeling like I knew them all better. I wish I had time to do this with all my internet friends. I'm working on a picture of me, Torrent and Nikki chilling on MSN. or should I say Charlie, Alexander and Soda Pop?)

Well, sorry for the pointless update, but I just wanted to share how good and perfect this weekend felt. Well, toodles~ <3

Friday, August 24, 2007


You're only as happy as you want to be.

You're a diamond
she's a ring
never be without
and you'll never be alone
it's not about the money
it's all about the dance

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Puppy Saix

Haha, doing this post just to show off a new drawing that I like. C: A famous deviantart artist decided that Saix acted like puppy in her comics, so I drew Demyx and Saix puppy. I wouldn't usually post it here, cos it's probably considered slash, but I really like the coloring on this one.

EDIT: aforementioned artist commented and favorited the picture, then deviantart watched me. I was more shocked then happy, and then I just felt sad because Nikki was jealous. Oh well... finaly got around to drawing Cino, from the Epidemic (Osmosis Jones fangroup)

Also, Axel and Roxas as lions. And a sea-salt ice cream, which were a big thing in Kingdom Hearts 2, if you never played. I think those would taste terrible. @_@

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good morning America

I walked home from Selah's house after waking up there, which is maybe a 40 minute walk... I felt like a dog trying to get back to my master. I was so sweaty and sore and tired when I got home. @_@ But it's worth it to be in my own house.

Despite myself, I had fun. And ate too much. Again. We watched The Cat Returns and fangirled over the baron, which was funny since he's a CAT but he's so cool. Selah is writing a fanfiction in which she explains why he used to be a human, but I'm like, Nyeh he's a cat. I think that if the pairing was to work, the girl would go back to the cat kingdom and become a cat in order to be with him.

I had a dream that me and a bunch of people, a lot that I didn't even know, were hanging out on my lawn shortly after school started. There was some guy that Nikki was flirting with and I felt all protective, like, "Don't you lay a finger on her. >.<" He was one of her friends from school, named Drake. We must have some kind of psychic connection because she had dreamed that she was going out with Drake, even though she doesn't really like him that way.

Bored bored bored. No more typing.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy AkuRoku day!

It's a fandom holiday, for the pairing of AxelRoxas. (Kingdom Hearts) It's a sweet pairing, but it pulls my heartstrings too hard, so I don't dig it much... decided to draw them anyways, for the day. Of course managed to make it reflect my own angst.

Also, I drew a couple of my pokemon. C:


Whenever someone isn't giving me enough attention, I have a bad habit of trying to make them jealous. Believe me, it is HARD to make someone jealous when they don't care. I would dare to say impossible.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ease over

Donno what the title's about, but don't you love the way the words roll? I spent the night at Sara's house the other day... I loathe sleeping at other people's houses. I like hanging out with my friends, but when it comes to sleeping, I want to be home. I can't wait until I'm old enough that I don't have to do that anymore. I get home and am magnetically pulled towards my computer. Sometimes I think my computer is just a projection of what's inside me. When I'm feeling or thinking something that I don't have on my hard-drive, I get edgy until I download something relevant or write poetry. The more clever of my friends can tell what's going on with me by digging through my folders. (which does NOT mean I recommend it.)

You know what's strange? When I'm sad, or even think I MIGHT be sad if I don't step carefully, I listen to Marilyn Manson, especially the Golden Age of Grotesque cd, really loudly. Something about the pitch just drowns whatever my problem is. Or, as it may be, my random bad moods. Random moodiness seems to be my problem today. I got that feeling, like I've just been talking to a therapist. They make me feel gross and sad... like all the weird things in my head really ARE problems and I need to be taking pills for them.

Ah, but I'm not as mopey as I sound. There's a prospect of food in the near future and Vodevil is blasting, so really it's all good. C:

This drawing is old but I finished the lineart the other day and I'm still REALLY proud of it. This is the finished version. (I don't want to color it...) It's the unicorn characters by Klar, Vi-Vi and Sasha that I used to draw all the time.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

School's Coming up

Yesterday was the day when I was supposed to go get my schedule. When my mom told me, I pulled a lovely "OH REALLY? I AM SO IGNORANT!" although Monica dropped by earlier to tell me to come with her. The truth is, I was in my pajamas and schedule day wounds me for reasons I won't share. I could never make that walk again. But I digress, I have to go on Tuesday instead. I think that'll be okay...

Also, they claimed to send me a packet in the mail to fill out, but I never got it. I should call the school but instead I asked my mom to do it... I'm a horrible, unmotivated person. I can't believe they'll even let me back into school.

I think I'm ODing on asthma medication. X_X I'm dizzy like whoah.

Do you know why I'm an animator? I hate painting, so I can't be Blotch. I hate doing comics, so I can't be Kitten-chan. I hate inking, I can't be Humengale. I hate coloring, I can't be Korone. I hate backgrounds, I can't be Dolphy. (those are all deviantart people, except for Blotch) I like to draw. I like to draw character's doing things. I like to draw a LOT. I don't get bored drawing the same thing over and over. I am an animator. I WANT THIS. >_>

I will work on Cartoon Network trash if I have to.

I need to get a driver's license so I can get to AR. (the community college I'm going to) My mom is going to teach me, and when I'm 18 I'm going to take the test so I don't need the pink slip from school. When I get back to school, I'm going to try to get a job, and get the work permit through the counselor.

I HATE MENIAL WORK ARGH. I'm looking forward to EVERYTHING, but not that.

Okay, um. I drew some stuff. This is some of the virus characters as pokemon characters. XD; If you know the character it totally works. (except for Sin, Sin makes a horrible Ash.)

A lot of people seem to love this one. It's like the... essence of Sin. (no, it's not a cologne.)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nothign Much

Being as it's still summer, I don't have much to say in the way off real life events. Nikki spent the night this week, we flopped around, drew Kingdom Hearts fanart, and watched Osmosis Jones way too many times. It was a blast. <3 I lent OJ to her when she left.

It's my brother's birthday... he's turning 14. Time flies, right? It's all a bit weird.

My OJ virus group has a forum now!
Check it out, maybe, if you have a minute. But ignore me on there. I'm a loser. =X

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I hate not being online

Lately people have been drawing things for me and when I can't be online, I worry that they're be offended when I don't comment immediately. X_X I was woken up my my mom knocking on Selah's garage (thats where her room is) and i had to home how to go to the dentist. Then I got online and say that 1) I had way too many comments/submissions to go through of deviantart. 2) Shaku drew Sin and Thrax for me. O3O and 3) TOM SITO REPLIED TO MY EMAIL U GUYZ YAY. Last night I dreamed that I was at an animation studio with my family, I was watching them make... something... but I don't know what... I was so happy I thought I would die. And then I woke up. My theory is that Tom Sito's email triggered my subconscience into dreaming that. C:

UM UM. here's what his email says. I'm gonna reread, reread, reread and reply after I get home. <3 Then leave an obnoxiously long comment for Shaku.

"Dear Carmen,

Thank you for your letter. I'm sorry I haven't got back to you sooner. I had to moderate two panels at the San Diego Comicon and I had a deadline on a project. I enjoyed reading your letter and I like your spirit. I don't find your style ditsy at all. Now to your questions-

As to your concern about the fate of 2D animation, true, for the last few years pundits have been writing it's epitaph. Leonard Maltin said in 2003 that the problem with 2D animation is nothing that another Lion King couldn't solve. Well, this past weekend we saw the Simpson's Movie do 74 million domestic, 168 million worldwide, while 3D flicks like Surf's Up, Barnyard, The Wild, Ant Bully and Everybodies Hero took a big dump. I don't think 2D animation will return to the levels it was ten years ago when we were doing Aladdin and Lion King, but I think the Hollywood Players have gotten the message that 3D is not the golden pass to success they once thought it was.
I think there will be more 2d as well as 3d in the future, its simply too lucrative when it hits big. For instance Shrek III has earned over half a billion dollars. How many multiple Oscar winners have done that?.

When I was your age and beginning my career in the 1970s I was told that animation was a deadend business and I was crazy for wanting to work on day on films as good as Pinnochio or Bugs Bunny's Rabbit Fire. No one could see the Little Mermaid or Ren and Stimpy in the future. So it's hard to predict where things will go. Check out my blog for Aug. 1st for more ruminaitons in this vein. (

The colleges that still teach 2D animation include the School of Visual Arts in NY, Sheridan in Ontario and Cal Arts in LA. Ringling in Florida may also, I'm not sure. I teach 2D mechanics at USC because I tell my students it's like Shakespeare for actors, it always stays with you, irregardless lf the platform youre working with. Its good for all potential animators to know their traditional as well as some CGI skills. The cgi is just learning the software, but it pays to have some knowledge of it. The more versatile you are, the more employable. Like ballet dancers who go from Swan Lake to some avant garde troupe like Merce Cunningham or Twyla Tharp.

As to whether animators can tell people what they animated, of course we can. We just shouldn't crit or diss our film until it comes out and has it's day before the public. The weekend before Shrek came out, I didn't know if the public would go see a move that goofs on fairytales. but it was a hit.

Zak Pen was a pistol to work with, but very talented. He's gone on to write the X-Men films and is doing quite well. On the Osmosis Jones director track I kept trying to credit people who I thought deserved special notice, while it seemed to me at times Zak and writer Mark Hyman kept trying to do jokes. I like director tracks that give good insider info on the creative process. I'm pleased that you liked all the inside jokes in the background. That is a specialty of mine. It's nice to know it's been appreciated. In my new series at PBS next summer I hope to add the same kind of flavor.

I hope you find these answers illuminating. Good luck in your pursuits and perhaps one day we shall meet.

See you in ToonTown,

Tom Sito"

One more thing! My mom asked me if I sent him my dA url. I laughed and laughed and then went on dA to remind myself why I couldn't... he actually WORKED on Osmosis Jones btw. Slander much?