Sunday, April 29, 2007

The "me" poem

Technically, this is a poem about my room. After school everyday, my friends all come over to my house. We check stuff on the internet, watch movies, gossip, and drink coffee. Sometimes my friends will come over even when I'm gone!

But after writing this, I realized that this poem described me more than it described my room. It's hard to explain, but this poem shows the way I see life, the way people see me, and the way I see myself. Even the sing-songy rhyme scheme is relevant to me. I'm not sure if I've posted it before- it's rather old...

Charlie's Cafe

The coffee’s four lumps
and a hint of mint,
And the room looks just fine
providing you squint.
it's the same old same old
but it don't cost a dime,
Everything's free
but the fee of your time.
We've got internet here
at Charlie's cafe,
you've got to take turns
but you don't got to pay.
We’ve got no money
but talk here is cheap,
It’s laden with secrets
and regrets and we keep,
Everyone drops by,
it’s two streets away,
And the coffee’s the best here
at Charlie’s café.

Speaking of coffee, my coffee pot almost BROKE this weekend. I said some harsh things to it, too. I apologized later, but I think it really affected our relationship. My dad fixed it up... luckily...

Oh! Also, I joined Neopets again! They made some huge site changes, so I decided to give it a go. Here's my user lookup. Surprisingly, the name Sunspots was free. C:

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

To My Chemical Romance

I sent this email just a second ago. I had to send it to the email requesting info about My Chemical Romance, because I can't find ANY way to get mail to them personally, but I'm hoping the FAQ people will pass it along to them. C:

"Dear My Chemical Romance,

I am a reputable grave robber in my area. To my knowledge, you don't have any songs about grave robbers. A whole CD about dead and dying and dead people, and not a single song about us! I speak for myself and for other grave robbers when I say that you have disrespected our great profession. I suggest that you write a song about grave robbers and how awesome we are, posthaste, or we'll be visiting YOUR grave someday. =)

PS- I love your music! My favorite song is Kill all your Friends. Also, I'm happy for Mikey but I'll miss him.

With love, a pissed off grave robber

PPS- Please don't take this letter seriously, I don't want he police to show up at my house. That would be hard to explain to my parents. lol"

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


For Illustration Friday. Have you ever heard the song I'm the only Gay Eskimo in my Tribe? I think it's by Weird Al. It makes me lol, but I always did feel sorry for the eskimo. XD Anyways, so, this isn't usual style, but it was fun to play with the clipping layers on photoshop for this. And I owe a big thank you to Maytang textures. All the textures except for the snow and the igloo are from there.

Man, I enjoy being a weirdo. OH! HEROES. CAME ON YESTERDAY. It wasn't the best episode, but after that long hiatus, it was like finally breathing out. Mohinder lived. Whew, that made me so happy. BUT POOR ISAAC. <3 I used to lovelovelove him.

My favorite episode is either Parasite or the one where they revealed that Nathan is Claire's father, thusly, Peter is her uncle. I laughed until I cried. Selah, an avid PeterxClaire shipper, just cried. The pairing still hasn't managed to dye out on the internet. Someone on my favorite Heroes Livejournal community says this- "I say if TPTB are going to make them related then someone need to tell Hayen to stop making moon eyes at Milo and vice versa. I know I dont look at any of my uncles like that." I couldn't have put it better myself.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day of Silence

Today is the Day of Silence. As you can see, I've decided not to take part this year. The thing is, I spend most of my day in school, which isn't really a problem. (I ignore my friends sometimes anyways, lol) The reason I didn't do it is this- My classmates are really tolerant of gays. Especially girls, but even the guys aren't harassed, except in the joking way that teenage boys always tease eachother. I've had people come up to me and ask if I was gay, and when I tell them I'm bi, they say that they support my lifestyle and all that. It might or might not make them uncomfortable, but the point is that they're polite and don't show it. This is one of the reasons that I love my school so much.

Not talking to anyone seems so rude to me, especially if they don't understand what's going on. A couple people at my school did it this year, and a lot of people had their feelings hurt, thinking they were getting the cold shoulder. I don't want to do it because it doesn't seem fair to disrespect the people who are so good to me by confusing them. It's like holding a protest in a city where everyone already supports the cause, except that you've managed to make the protest insulting to the supporters!

In short, I think it's fine that people do this, provided that they at least tell their family and friends in advance so they can at least prevent some hurt feelings. But I myself wont do it until I find myself in an environment that is degrading towards me or other gay people.

Well, that was terribly... important sounding. How very unlike me. Here's a picture of my fursona to show that I really am still a silly teenager without a care in the world. I'm a lemutt! Actually, I'm a ringtail. Civet cat. Miner's cat. Most people still don't know what that is. I want one as a pet someday. btw, although nobody will know what I'm talking about, there is nothing on this green green planet that is quite as embarrassing as your friends finding your fA or VCL account. There just isn't.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007



A child in the afternoon
Where the dandelions bloom
Like green and silver parasols
Bright against the boom
She waits sedately in the grass
Graylight’s hour coming soon.

Amongst the crabgrass in her yard
A girl is waiting for the sun
To dissipate between the cracks.
She watches the clouds come
Slow as feral dogs, as falling snow
As sunbeams come undone.

A draft is playing with the weeds.
Lifting off their lacy seeds, and,
Loosing interest, scatters them
Hooting, laughing, childish breezes
Petals settle on the girl,
Who also laughs and sneezes.

Speaking of Dandelions...

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Monday, April 09, 2007


Today my friends dragged me to Sara's house, so we could bake a cake for her favorite rock star's birthday. Then I was dragged to Selah's house to watch some girly romance movie. Happily Ever After, I think it was called? It wasn't really like a fairy tale at all. Nothing gruesome/magical happened, and they all had personalities, which is almost unheard of in fairy tales.

THIS is a fairy tale. I wrote it just now.

Throughout time there have lives many fair and pious princesses . This particular damsel was the daughter of a magician king, who wanted very badly to protect his daughter from those who would try to marry her for his kingdom.

So, when she was very young, he locked her away in a tower, guarded by a small, elderly dragon. He cast a spell in ancient magic- it said, “No knight or man of selfish intent shall be able to rescue this maiden.”

And so it was, for many years the princess remained locked away. Many knights came to try to free her, but they were kept at bay by a magical shield around the tower. Some persisted, but all gave up eventually, and went away.

It was only when the princess was long of age and loosing hope that a pure knight finally arrived. He stormed the tower with ease, fought off the obligatory dragon, and carried the maiden away on horseback.

Although the princess was slightly dismayed by the death of her faithful old dragon, who never menaced nothing larger than a housefly, she was smitten by the knight in shining armor. They galloped off into the sunset, and galloped some more, and finally slowed to a brisk trot.

At last they reached her father’s kingdom. They rode right up to the castle and the king threw open the doors to welcome the hero.

“Well done, my boy! By showing you are pure of intent, you will now by married to my daughter, and crowned the king!”

“You’re highness, I beg your pardon, but I have no wish to marry your daughter.”

“Then, why did you brave the fire breathing dragon to rescue her?”

“Well,” said the knight, “I felt sorry for the poor girl. Have you any idea how boring it must be, to be locked away in a castle with nothing to do? I had only the purest of intentions in rescuing her. and now I shall be on my way.”

The princess was terribly upset! They were supposed to be married now, and live happily ever after. But her foolish father wasn’t such a wise magician after all, and he bungled the most powerful magic of all- the magic of words.

So before the man could depart, she bid him to stay the night in the castle and gather his strength. Being the genial sort, he agreed, and was shown to his chambers.

During the night the princess snuck out of the castle. She stole a horse and rode into the forest, where she rapped upon the door of a wise witch. She had taught her father everything he knew about magic. The witch, however, did not teach him everything that she knew, and was far wiser with her words.

The princess poured out her tale to the kind witch, who nodded sympathetically, and prescribed a spell that would be sure to capture the knight’s heart forevermore.

“You must get the knight to say that he loves you.”

“But he doesn’t love me at all! How do I get him to say that?”

“Get him to say the words one at a time, and catch them in a bottle. When you’ve caught all the words, open them into a book, and then press the pages closed. Leave them to dry overnight, and in the morning, the words will be true.”

The princess thanked the witch, who cackled as she departed on her horse. On her return to the castle she promptly fell asleep.

The next morning the king, the princess, and the knight sat down to breakfast. The princess concealed three glass bottles under the table, with which she intended to catch the spell.

“I was wondering, sir, where do you come from?” she inquired in her sweetest voice.

Through a mouthful of flapjacks, he replied, “I live in a small village over the mountains, where I work as an apprentice to a carpenter.”

“Oh, I see,” she said, fastening the cork on the first bottle. “Is it very exciting?”

“No, not really. It’s actually very boring. Sometimes I run away for days to wander in the forests, observing and preserving wildlife.”

She blinked. “I‘m sorry, what was that?”

“I‘ve always been very close to nature,” he continued, “I’ve started a campaign to protect wolves. It’s not fair to kill them for hunting their prey, which is what often happens. If little girls are dense enough to confuse a wolf for her grandmother, isn’t it reasonable that she be eaten?”

“Oh… do you think so?”

“Yes, I‘m a firm believer in the rights of wolves. I once knew a girl who was raised by wolves. She was actually quite charming, although she didn’t speak a word of English, but it only took a month to have her housebroken. And did I mention how much I love barefoot hiking?”

The princess was almost too perturbed to catch the second word of the spell. Wolf preservation? Barefoot hiking?

“No, I don’t think you mentioned…”

“Ah, it’s great fun. The snakes and the nettles can be a trick at first, but after awhile, everything goes numb. Perhaps you would like to go with me sometime?”

She did not attempt to catch the last word. This may not, she conceded, have been the best match after all. The finished breakfast while listening to the knight prattle on about the time he dismantled a brick house piece by piece so that a starving wolf could eat the pigs inside.

The knight departed and the princess was never forced to return to the tower. Later on she married a woodsman, who enjoyed belching contests and chopping open wolves to save any little girls they may have recently devoured. They bore many little princes and princesses lived happily ever after.

The end.

yah... I know you loves it. XD J/k! It was silly. Wanna see something I drew? it's just some dog characters I made up, with an annoying background.