Friday, May 25, 2007

War in Iraq

I was talking to my mom the other day about the war in Iraq. We both think it should end as soon as possible. What we were talking about the possibility of the American culture repeating the sixties, with hippies and college protesters, because of the similarities between the Iraq war and Vietnam.

I mentioned this theory to my US history teacher, and he said this was impossible for a few reasons. The first is that, since it's not been the baby boom, there wouldn't be enough university students. However, I think that since people were born in the sixties are still around and have been raising their children with their values, older people would also take part in protests.

The other reasons, though, actually disturbed me.

In the sixties, when there was a march or a protest against Vietnam, it was showed on TV. But with this war, any protests there HAVE been get little or no air time. Without this form of publicity there is a lack of awareness and people interested in the cause aren't able to see that they aren't alone. I know that what gets shown on the news is the news that sells. Well, I imagine that people would like to see more about the protests, even if just to be outraged by them.

I doubt enough television higher ups are opposed to showing the protests, so I'm led to believe this is government intervention.

Also government intervention, is that it's now illegal to photograph coffins returning from the war. If you get caught, you can get jail time. This strikes me as a massive violation of the constitution, on both counts. Even if there is no law stopping television stations from showing protests, and the government is actually paying them to hold off, it seems wrong.

And how can we trust the government if they have to influence our thinking in order to keep people believing in this cause? If Iraq were truly worth fighting in, the majority would support it, casualties or no.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bright Eyes and Cocorosie

This post would better be called, "Music with soul". Not the bands, but actual music.


Well, everyone hates Cocorosie. I mean, come on, what's to like? Her voice is creaky and weak, and the instrumentals seem to be a guitar and various children's toys. In fact, from a review I read of their live performance, it IS children's toys.

But I love them.

Honey and Tar, By Your Side, Butterscotch, and Terrible Angels are my favorites. I don't want to see the band, because I have my own image of who the singer is.

She's a housewife, terribly unimportant but somehow strong. I can see her as any nationality, in any country. But in every song, it's the same woman. She sings in a reedy voice while she takes care of her children and does housework.

I want to describe her better, but it's impossible. If you want to listen to the band, god forbid, try the cd "La Maison de Mon Reve".


Bright Eyes... much more popular than Cocorosie, but actually still a much unloved band. More reedy vocals set to either lazy guitar or elaborate, driving tunes. Some song are interrupted by static, ringing phones, crying babies, and other strange sound affects.

These songs always seem to teeter on the edge of sanity, most pointedly in the cd "Fevers and Mirrors." The songs seem a little neurotic, a little deep. However, it seems less like an acid trip and more like a caffeine driven, twenty-something poet. He's young, with his heart on the outside so things touch him deeply. His emotions are powerful and he expresses them fully.

The songs always seem to have meaning in the end, which are generally felt even without listening to the words.

I have a niece cries whenever she hears First Day of my Life. When I heard the song A Calander Hung Itself for the first time, I felt very neurotic and sick. Land Locked Blues makes me feel wistful for some odd reason, and Arc of Time makes me feel happy and hopeful when I hear it.


While neither of these bands are technically very good, in most people's opinions, I think that it's their spirit that draws people to them.

Also, they're a couple of my favorite bands, and I've been meaning to mention them for weeks. I guess I finally did, big time. XD


I had the inexplicable urge to call this post 'Morning' so I decided to do it. However, it's actually afternoon. Today I told my friends sod off, so i could have some me time. I'm currently basking in my solitude. C: I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to tell everyone that.

Does anyone think I should get a booth at a sci-fi convention? The one in my area is a bit bollocks, but I'd have to go somewhere near enough to ride a train to. But Selah likes sci-fi too, so she'd go with me. I could make merchandise with sci-fi fanart or original art that I draw. Anything left over I could try to pawn off on ebay.

Also, I'd have to scrape together money for the booth, but it would probably pay for itself... and if not, it would still be fun. What do you think?

Speaking of conventions, I have a picture of me and Selah at the last anime con. We wanted to buy hats, so we sat on a corner and did art commissions. She bought a black beanie like hat with fuzzy cats eats and fuzzy balls like on Eskimo hoods. I bought a black captains hat from a little gothic lolita booth. C:

Don't be fooled by the names, I got this off her page. The girls in the Tom Baker scarf is actually me, she's the one with the bangs.

Aren't we such cute little artists? C: I sort of like candid pictures of myself, although I don't like my haircut in this, and hat horrible velvet jacket. :bleh:

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Record time posting

Just wanted to make a post to say.... MY LONG LOST UNCLE DEAN is ignoring me. Well, actually, I think he's having problems with his internet. And I keep emailing him at his old email. But logic is no excuse!

Okay well anyways. C: I'm not really cross, but I wish I could remember his new email address.

WHO Pairings Voting Booth

Go vote But... Why is Jake/Micky even on here? Number three?! Any pairing with Jack should win out over this. Some of the other pairings are amusing, like the Tardis/anybody, but Jake/Micky is weird because it's WINNING.

Bah, ah. Man. I was on a livejournal community for Doctor Who, and it is a dark hour in the fandom. A lot of bickering, a lot of "blahblah his technobabble was wrong and blahblah blah cannot be organic blah." (because it's not a spoiler if you replace every other word with blah) And they were bashing on 42, which was an awesome episode I thought. At first I was like, "Oh no, another Satan Pit". It better, though, and every time I stopped being emotional I thought of that quote from he sneak preview.

"He's fire, and ice, and rage, he's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun."

And it made the episode a lot better, for some reason... like soy sauce, catchup, or ranch dressing.

But that fandom... it scared me... I got so frightened and went home to my mild-mannered Heroes fandom, specifically the Mylar board. The most contraversial thing that's ever happened there is my friend Selah, and I'm used to her. XD

Friday, May 18, 2007

8 out of 10 cats...

...prefer Whiskas.

Actually, I'm talking about the British game show, 8 out of 10 cats. I found a few episodes of it here, and I can't get over how awesome it is.

Here's a picture of a dog.

I'm going to see Nikki tomorrow! Yay! Also, a new episode of Doctor Who will be coming out tomorrow and I'll have it downloaded by Sunday. And on MONDAY, the finale episode of this Heroes season is coming on! SJASDHSFKSDN :nerd battlecry: I hope it's a good one. C:

And, this is weird, but someone from this blog commented on my post the other day... and I went to the blog... and somehow the cause reached into my shallow teenage heart and I went around for a few days annoying my friends to death, talking about police violence in Khalistan and the sikh religion.

The thing that interests me most is their dedication to their religion- they have a fanaticism (no offense meant) that I thought was lost today. Today, religion is a topic that everyone tries to avoid, it's the only topic that's really taboo in today's society. And the idea of fighting for one's religion is... unthinkable. But apparently not completely, I guess it's just in the US that people have that attitude.

Anyways, I thought it was fascinating, but that's just me...

My shallowness prevails now, and I want to finish watching this episode of 8 out of 10 cats. XD

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Sunday, May 13, 2007


I think I've managed to fight with my parents for EVERY holiday this year + last Christmas. Not to mention, this is MOTHER'S day. Well, that's it. Holidays can just suck it. I should become a Jehovah's Witness just so I don't have to celebrate them, but then we would fight about that every holiday. Also, I'm cranky because my new wisdom tooth hurts and Doctor Who isn't coming on today, and also I wish my mom would yell at me instead of crying every time we argue.

Anyways. Happy Mother's Day, not quite as horrible as I made Christmas, but I've managed to make it suck pretty hard anyways.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh dear, music videos

One of the recent things springing up all over the internet is music videos. I'm not talking about professional ones, I mean videos where people take a song and arrange clips to it. Like, in an anime music video (amv) someone might cut up episodes of Naruto and arrange the parts so they follow the song. Generally, I don't like them. I don't watch them. But.

One of my friends, Rachel, is really popular on the internet for her Naruto amvs. Lately I've been wanting badly to make a music video for Doctor Who, to a song called First Day of my Life, cos it would be so sweet. So I asked her to help. As it turns out, it's simpler than I thought, but VERY time consuming! I made my first amv, but it took 4-5 hours.

That doesn't seem so long, until you remember that none of it is even original material. It's all cut form other sources. The problem are- transitions, figuring out where to put which clips, and bloody glitches. Tedious stuff. But actually, even the process was pretty fun. So, anyways... HERE'S MY FIRST MV.

Heehee, I never thought I would say that!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Got religion?

Keep it Safe
May 6 2007

Amusing are the children
Who try to sell God
The wise old woman
Keeps her religion to herself
Wrapped around her shoulders
To keep her old bones warm
In the imminent cold.

Holy crap! That didn't even rhyme! How very unlike me. I had a lot of things to say about religion, and how I need to get some more of it, but I suddenly lost interest. Instead, I'm going to show you a picture I drew of my me and my neopet, wearing the fourth Doctor's scarf. I'm a bit fond of the colouring style.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Mouth... because I know you want to know.

Well, today I had my oral surgery. At least it wasn't like last dentist visit, when i was pulled out of class unexpectedly, because I had forgotten. Surprise dentistry! Nope, I've had days to worry about this one. I had to have a baby tooth removed, but it was to be surgical because the roots were in my sinuses. I also had to have a VERY decayed tooth pulled out near my molars.

The put me under anesthesia because it was going to be too stressful. It was 300 dollars, just for the anesthesia, so my mom's like, "You'd better enjoy it." Lol, well, I can't say I enjoyed it, but I sure was grateful to not be awake. It was an IV knockout, so that... was bad. You know how people say they can't give blood because they're afraid of needles? They've got nothing on me- I have a genuine phobia. I was making retarded whimpering sounds while they were hooking me up, and I think the terror sort of... stayed, as I went to sleep, because I started crying as soon as I woke up.

The surgery didn't worry me a bit, but that needle...

Well, when I got home, Selah had left a new Mylar (pairing name from Heroes- Sylar/Mohinder. If you don't like it, just, don't tell me. x3;) fanfiction on my desktop. She's so good to me. C: And also, I've been playing the Sims 2 a lot. I have to families that I've been playing- Landgrabb (sp?) and Wolf. If you have Sims 2 Open for Business, you know who Landgrabb is.


First I played Jason and Rose from Sims 2 Seasons, and they had three kids. (Daisy, Jasmine, and Jazz) Then I had Jasmine go through college and get married to Malcolm Landgrabb. They have two children, twin boys named Jarred and Jeremy. They both take after their father, although Jarred is more ruthless and career driven, while Jeremy just wants to provide for a family someday. They have a big dog named Dio who was sold to Malcolm by Rose, before he married Jasmine.

My other family is one I made up, mostly to test out all the awesome skin tones and demon horns I downloaded from ModtheSims. They're a family of rush-demons who were banished from their kingdom for spending too much time with humans, so their punishment was for them and all their descendents to live out a mortal lifetime before returning to the demon realm. To humans, rush-demons have strange behaviors, such as strange eating, breeding and living habits, so they have some trouble fitting it. One of these strange behaviors is that the head of the household often has several partners and has LOTS of children, as many as possible. The amount of children a demon has is a symbol of their status.

Their household has Gabito (pronounced like Italian, Jah-bee-toe), Babbit, and Umber. Gabito is head of the household and is, like Malcolm, a ruthless businessman. Umber is his teenage daughter. Babbit is, for lack of a better word, their pet. He's a bit dim, eager to please, and very nurturing. His lifetime goal is to raise 20 kittens, so I bought him two cats named Slick and Sealink, and he takes care of them and their kittens, which he gives to good homes when they're old enough.

Gabito and Babbit had 2 twin girls (because Rush-demon males can apparently give birth and because I as too lazy to make a wife for Gabito. XD) who are named Claidi and Iris. Iris is as kind and nurturing as Babbit, but more intelligent, and she wants to change the world someday. Iris is cold and ruthless, far more than Gabito, (who's been growing soft in the human world) and she wants to own the world. Now that the girls are about ten, Babbit is pregnant again. (actually, this is very unusual, since he would usually be preggers again by the time why were walking, but I couldn't stand anymore sim babies)

Anways, the plan is to have the twin girls and the twin boys meet up in college. C: I think I'll have Jeremy marry Claidi and Jarred marry Iris.

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