Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting better

Sometimes life if bad, and then people do stuff like this, and it makes like worth living. My friend Inko did that... it's her awesome virus, Salin, and his adventures in the human body. I demand that anyone reading this blog GO WATCH IT. It even won an honor on youtube.

Antinon is fine... she was just leaving dA... and didn't bother to EXPLAIN ANYTHING. x_x But I love her so much, I forgive her completely. And I even feel bad about harassing her.

I made up a Thrax back story, there's a picture to go along with it. :3 I love stealing people's characters and doing whatever I want to them.

When Thrax was born, it was just before the immunities chased down his father and killed him. They then went looking for his nest, and found baby Thrax and his dead siblings and mother. (Read my description of Parasites to understand. Oh, wait, this is my blog. Actually. Just be confused by this part, okay? lol)

One of the cops wanted to follow regulations and kill him, but the other pleaded to let him raise the baby to see if he couldn't change.
So they put heat-proof bandages around Thrax's hands and the cop raised him into his family. When Thrax was old enough, they removed the bandages and told him that he must never, ever touch anything with the intention to harm. No fighting at all. But the other cells didn't accept Thrax, so he was ignored, feared and bullied from the time he was allowed out of the house.

A particular bully named Slick and his thugs tormented him constantly, until once day he finally lashed out. This is what happened.
After that an angry mob came after Thrax, who panicked and killed them all. In the confusion he killed his own foster family, who had only come to help him. When he found out later, he because so distressed that he burned the whole city down and left.

Dark, huh? Well, that's okay, it gets better after he starts meeting other viruses. They have a lot of zany fun. :3

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Friday, July 27, 2007

Hostage Situation

That sounds serious, huh? Nope, this is a whole post dedicated to my new drawing. It's actually not very good, but I really like a few elements of it (the situation, the police, Hazz's face) and somehow I ended up really pleased with it... despite all the technical problems.

We've got you surrounded! Drop your weapons and put your hands up!

I don't think so, boys. I've got a hostage. I assume, as cells yourselves, that you know the principle of osmosis? What I have her is a syringe full of rapidly multiplying H2O molecules. When injected into a victim, it tips the balance of the water content, and it all diffuses right into the atmosphere. In short, boys... one hit of this and junior here shrivels like a California raisin.

That is so not biologically accurate, but it was a fun idea. XD I love villainy moments. The boy is actually just playing along, he and Hazz are friends. C:

YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON IT! The thumbnail makes it look even worse than it is.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Lately, about art... I've been able to feel this skill, dangling just out of my reach. I keep stretching out for it but I just barely fall short. I can see it, I can see what I would do with it, and what other people are doing with it, and I just WANT it so much... Why cant I reach it? Bleedingcrow's got it. MarsW has it in a different way.

I think it's a grasp of anatomy. The sort of knowing relationship that I have with the inside of my body, they have with the outside. Or maybe it's just a synchronization with everything, that lets them draw it as things are, and not have the logical part of their brains get in the way. The part that says arms are this long, walls are straight and eyes are oval.

I hope it's something that can be learned with time, because it's like a hole in myself to not have it.

I'm gonna go practice now instead of whining. C: And I drew this last night-

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

oooh deep.

Have you ever noticed that the meaning of life is obvious? Everybody lives to be happy. They do everything in their power to be happy. Everyone has a terminal disease, everyone is dying... and we're all just trying to make ourselves as comfortable as we can. It seems like such a morbid thought, but it doesn't make me terribly sad.

The emo voice in my head has really got a foothold lately. I don't really know how to justify it. Luckily the voice of motivation and the voice of random dark fandomy things voice have equal grip, and it makes for a kind of balanced insanity.

One of my computer fans died, so I've been keeping my room really cool... which means I'm wearing my army jacket again. C: It's like an old friend.

I wish I had more productive thingies to upload though. :<

The Nest

I always wonder why the people who get along with their parents leave the nest- now I know. With my combined uselessness and medical bills, I feel so guilty about existing right now that it would almost be a relief to die. :/

In other news, Selah got back from Florida. C: She brought home a lemur stuffed animal for me... it's my fursona. A Yellow Lemur, like Yellowcat, but with my animal as well. It's adorable and chatters when you squeeze it. <3

Not much else to say this morning. C:

Monday, July 23, 2007


Ringfinger, promise carved in stone.
deeper than the sea.,
ringfinger, sever flesh and bone,
offer it to me.

I wanted to to do lyrics from The Only Time but it seemed highly inappropriate. Although I love the line "My moral standing is lying down". Oh, the joys of obscure wordplay. :3

Lately I feel like I would save my parents a lot of money if I just kicked the bucket. :/ I have the most expensive mouth/education needs in all of history. (you wont hear those two things paired togetehr very often) I might just go with Selah after I turn eighteen... since her plans to go to Florida were shot down, she plans on traveling with Finn until she wants to stay somewhere.

But I still want to be an animator, I'm just rude like that, so I probably will just mooch off my parents some more.

The problem with headphones is that I have it ALL THE WAY UP and the volume isn't even loud enough to be considered "loud". Why? Is it just my computer?

This pairing just wont stop being adorable. Lux was teaching Ach how to graffiti.... it was partially successful. >w<

I also posted a bunch of scraps on dA, but my scraps tends to be a cesspool of ten minute oekakis and badly drawn yaoi, so I wont link to it. XD; Randomly posting a scrap that I drew a couple weeks ago.

Tiny spirit in a gale
bloated like soggy cereal
god will come and wash away
our tattoos and all the cocaine

from K-hole, a new CocoRosie favorite of mine.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Sunday is the day that the Jehovas Witnesses come to my door and give me a short lesson about religion. This Sunday I'm going to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. Also, this Sunday, Nikki is getting back from camping. YUS!

No news. I can't post any drawings because last night I discovered that the only way to break my short artist's block was to draw garbage. Basically, I did two reasonably good drawings, but one was slash and one a macabre drawing of baby viruses... hatching. D: So. Nothing for now.

After that though, I sketched a really cute picture of Lux and Ach, so I'll post that later.

OH OH my Osmosis Jones soundtrack came in the mail! So I've been listening to Break U Off over and over very loudly, and also Cool, Daddy Cool. Of the four songs I wanted, only two were there. I managed to find Fever on Napster but couldn't find the remix of Hot Blooded anywhere. :weep: Fever makes me die with happiness. I'm not a big Elvis Fan, but I am for this song. :WIGGLE: (EDIT: I forgot to mention what is this. I don't think I've said it here before. Wiggle is an action akin to a dog wagging it's tail.... when something pleases me, I sort of... I donno, wiggle.)

Okay this entry is even less mature than usual, because I'm using it as an excuse to be lazy and not color....

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Totally forgot to post this. It's Sin, looking out of a window (it looks like the windows in the eyes, but has a view of the heart and ribs) with scratches/scars. HUM odd, it's not like we know any characters with big scary nails that cause burn-like cuts, do we? lol.

Last night I watched the commentary on Osmosis Jones. TERRIBLE commentary. Every so often they would pop in with an interesting fact, but mostly it was long silences and the obnoxious producer (who seemed to know very little about the movie) telling people how much he liked this part. The best thing was finding out who kept putting off-color details in the background, who was a famous animator named Tom Sito.

I'm ashamed to say that I emailed him to ask him for advice on animation, but only after reading his articles and weeping. It took all my effort not to wail, "2D ANIMATION CAN'T BE DEAD, IT ISN'T FAIR!" at him.

I did, however, work in a question about fandom after becoming an animator. I've always avoided trying to contact the people who make the things I love, because I'm worried they'll say, "Oh yes, I saw some nasty-ass fanart of my own characters just the other day..." and then it'll turn out to be mine. But it was one in the morning and I was impelled by his good nature and... awesomeness.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Since Nikki got her Playstation 2, I kinda miss talking to her all day. She comes back for a break sometimes, and I just get into a conversation with her before she has to go back. Well I understand, she's wanted that system really badly, but it's just kind of... I donno. Lonely. D:

Selah is getting back on Tuesday! ^_^ I'm probably going to spend the night, but parents need asking.

I talked to Inko (yes, she does go by Inko...) about collages yesterday. She's an 3d modeling major in San Fransisco, and she's graduating in a few weeks. She gave me a few tips on getting into college, and I feel a lot better after talking to her. She was like an angel. C:

Newly updated virus list! Including one from my friend Sara...... she rocks so much. Please click on that one at least!

1 Thrax by Warner Bros
2 Sin by willowwhiskers
3 Hazz by spoozer (Nikki)
4 Ebola by editor-san
5 Salin by bleedingcrow
6 Sahbar by shaku-chan
7 Ach by Arisa-Weasley
8 Trojan Virus by SuperKusoKao (Sara)
8 Gelb by Raccoonpup (Inko's sister!)

Also, THE dA CLUB IS UP! And. Not running. lol. Shaku-chan made it pretty for me though, now I just have to figure out how to run a club. HERE'S THE CLUB!!

I drew a couple pictures today. The first is a gift for my girly Antinon because she's been sick, and I want her to feel better soon. <3 This is a comic of her old characters, well, hers and mine. They were our love children. x3

And then I drew Shaku's character, Sabs. <3 He's such a spazz, I love him. I LIKE THE WAY YOU MOVE by teh Bodyrockers.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Teh wot

First things first. Two poems. This one came from a dream last night... I can't remember the dream, but this was in my head when I woke up.

For every patriot who sings
who's banner waves and freedom rings
to those who shout, God save the queen!
Let every patriot be told
and every person young and old
let it be published, pressed and sold
that God has killed the queen.

Now, one more, wrote it in a bit of a haze while moping a bit ago.

All the listlessness and anger
All the intrigue and the fear
And the babes that you call you darling
and the dolls who call you dear
And the sound that passing time makes
As year slides into year

For who
Do you
Cut your

That last part about the hair comes from a Cocorosie song that I've never heard... for some reason... it moves me.

I put 'teh wot' as the title to stop myself from calling it something obnoxiously deep, like.... LIFE. or... ILLUSIONS.

So I've talked to someone from an art college, who told me about the classes and prices. They're too expensive. I don't have money. However, I'm told that with a shitty job I can pay for an American River bachelors degree in Graphic Arts (or animation if they have it), but who's going to hire someone from an AR college when they have the entire CA arts college to chose from? Even Don Bluth likes them better... that sounds like I'm bitter, but no, I don't even want a job with Don. He's a flunkee. Disney has him whipped.

And Disney likes cheap labor.

The whole college system is just more of the fiberglass layers that people put over life, to hide the fact that we don't understand what's underneath. People say that humans make order out of life, but they don't... they just add layers.


Sorry about that, it looks like one of voices in my head is an emo... how awful for you. Luckily, I think I've driven it away with liberal use of offensive language. Thang god, because I've got fandom... news. C: For one thing, my OJ dvd shipped! Now I just have to wait for it to get here. For another, I have the list of virus OCs thus far.

1 Thrax by Warner Bros
2 Sin by willowwhiskers
3 Hazz by spoozer
4 Ebola by editor-san
5 Salin by bleedingcrow
6 Sahbar by shaku-chan

Okay, donno why I thought that list was necessary, and it took a bit of time to format for this site... so at least click on the character names, alright? At least Thrax? C:

Oh, and I forgot! I have to introduce the newest member of the group- a rabies virus named Sahbar. I have trouble remembering that, though, so I call him Sabby. He's by Shaku, who's link is above. <3

On a final note, I'll be makign a virus OC club on dA soon... I'll link to it when I do!

This is getting rediculous

Haha, I say ridiculous, but I mean awesome. Two more people made Fan characters of diseases! But first, this is the real life portion of the entry...

Yesterday I was so jumpy, everything stressed me out. And then last night I couldn't sleep at even four in the morning. Somehow I got there eventually, but I think I either put myself Christmas mode, or set my nerves even higher. At eight o'clock this morning I went from deep sleep to fully awake in no seconds flat, then oddly, looked through my window? It's overcast out there. It reminds me of that book, by either Dean Koontz or Stephen King, in which aliens come and kill of a bunch of people with the environment, except for the children. What is that called? It's going to bug me now... Anyways, I woke up sweaty, disjointed and confused, so I wonder if maybe I had been dreaming.

My mom is really loosing weight now. It's actually noticeable. I think I'm getting jealous... jealous enough to diet? :o Maybe.

But fandom-wise, which is what I'm interested in right now... huzzah for creating a bandwagon! The new members were created by my internet friend Sarah and one of the old leaders of the OJ fandom, Bleedingcrow. Bleedingcrow and Mars3 are some of the few established members of the fandom that don't creep me out, so of course I immediately threw myself at their feet. Sarah had been in the fandom too actually, so even she had seniority over me. Oh well...

So these are the character sheets, not drawn by me of course. C: I would like to tell you about their personalities but it would just take too long. I'll link to their pages in the titles if you're interested. :3

EBOLA by Sarah

SALIN by Bleedingcrow

I made a body chart! I spent too long on it, though, so it now looks bad to me.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The future

Lately I've been thinking about college, but not in my usual frightened way. I actually WANT to go. I want to learn about animation and CGI and work on some of those mediocre 3d kids movies. Then I'll force my friends to watch them and force them to lie about how good they are. XD

I mean, I'd rather work on the kind of movies I love... like All Dogs go to Heaven, Osmosis Jones and Lion King... but if that kind of movie is destined to go the way of the dinosaurs, well, that's alright. CGI isn't as bad as I say it is. I don't like it even half as much as 2d animation, but I don't hate it. And I can see myself working on it.

Now for the fandom half of my entry (as these seem to be going lately, with an real like half and a fictional half) my mom bought Osmosis Jones and the soundtrack off ebay today for me! I'm so happy. <3

I am the agent I never was a part of you burn
I am corruption I never was a part of you burn
I am the angel I never was a part of you burn
Of your destruction I never was a part of you burn

I am subversion I never was a part of you burn
Secret desire I never was a part of you burn
I am your future I never was a part of you burn
Swallow down all that fire

Decided to add this, since it took a lot of time. C: Ah, to be young again...

Sunday, July 15, 2007


My friend Selah is in Florida to visit her father right now... and she's all, I miss you, lemme write something for you. And I'm um k. And then... and then....


I am so so spoiled by having a writer friend. She totally brought my baby Sin to life. When she made him be Puerto Rican, lol, I was like, orly? Cos I don't even know anything about Peurto Rico. But it so works.

I drew a picture today, that is no longer canon because whatever Selah says now, goes. I put total trust in her. But this is my previous thoughts on wot it would be like when Thrax and Sin met. I'm only posting cos I like the way Thrax looks in the first panel.

There is no place for this on the geek hierarchy, but even if it was, I don't think it could be lower than I already am. THAT. IS. SAD.

Day three; Final Day

This is the third and last day of solitude. I don't know what time my parents are getting home, but I'm torn between joy and vague dread. I woke up this morning, dragged myself out of bed, and then was magnetically dragged back. V. Unhappily woke up at 12, THREW myself out of bed, and then did a quick cleanup of the kitchen and living room.

I was soooo happy yesterday though cos my niece made up a virus character. I can usually drag her in on things, so I'm not terribly surprised, but I am glad. C:

This is him! She drew it so art &character © Nikki.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My house is so empty

Day two of being alone in my house. Already talking to myself fluently and leaving the door open w/out thinking about it. it's getting kind of lonely, my house is starting to smell weird, and I'm paranoid that feeding the animals a million times a day isn't enough. Took me like twenty minutes to find that white cat and it's food dishes.

Did not do my comic because I found a new fandom and that makes me lazy. D: When people grow up and have kids, can they still do the fandom thing? Or is that too weird? It's hard to explain fandom hopping to people who don't. It's just moving from one show/movie/book to the next, because you LOVELOVELOVE them and need to obsess over it for awhile. Here are the fandoms I can remember being in off the top of my head, going in order as far as I can remember, ♥s on the ones I spent the most time or effort in.

The Road to El Dorado
♥ Kimba the White Lion
♥ The Vampire Chronicles
Gorillaz (band)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Stargate SG1
♥ Utena
Kingdom hearts
Doctor Who
♥ Xiaolin Showdown
The Used (band)
Azumanga Diaoh
Haunted Junction
♥ Pokemon (almost life-long)
♥ Torchwood
All Dogs go to Heaven
♥ Heroes
Air Gear
Osmosis Jones

Wahhhh my life is just a series of movies and tv shows... how sad. At one point, I noticed that all my art was of my friend's characters. I guess I had a suck up phase. Now I'm so rude that I'm not even working on t-Daimon's request. XD

Instead I drew this. THRAXSIN IS MY NEW OTP. lol I made up a Mary Sue, that's so sad.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Nerding out

My parents and brothers are away fro the weekend, camping. Most teenagers would throw a party... drink, invite boys over, the works. Instead, I'm like, "YAY! I CAN NERD WITH MY DOOR OPEN!" So I tore through the Osmosis Jones fandom on a whim. It turned out to be one of those small but dedicated fandoms, focused mainly on Thrax (who is, btw, the coolest villain ever), and so full of crazy people that even I was repelled. I'm trying to download the movie now, cos I've only seen it once.

And this song is awesome, although it seems to have disappeared off the face of the world. And so's the video. C:

This is cool too. C: My niece drew it. She's so talented, sometimes I'm so proud of her. <3

I'm psyched for the season premier of Psych! Sorry, bad pun. It has Tim Curry in it. :O I still think the best thing he ever did was Toxic Love for the Ferngully movie, lol. Selah is in Florida so she saw it 2 hours ago, so I cant talk to he right now. She might spoil it. :x

I colored this comic I did of wolves fighting. C:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good morni- er, afternoon

I woke up at 1:30 today, but that's okay for once, because Nikki is coming over and I don't want to spend all morning waiting. She's staying until... Thursday? I would kill any of my other friends for staying so long, but I don't see Nikki enough so it's okay. C:

I finished the rough draft of a comic for fA. I'm coloring it now. However, it makes WillowWhiskers feel unproductive so I'm also doing a 69 Nickels comic on the side. (Kudos to anyone who remembers/knows what that is)

I decided that I, like Selah, have different personalities for my usernames. These are the best way I can describe them. This blog is mostly Vienna talking I think. ^_^ I have one more username, but I always have one hidden username, just in case I want to post something that might offend my friends or rip off one of their ideas. XD

Vienna is my inner child
WillowWhiskers is an artist
Yellowcat is a furry
Stereoactive is electric

Monday, July 09, 2007


Was tempted to spend the rest of my life sitting around my parent's house, drawing dogs and eating eggs, but realized that it would never work because I'd get tired of eggs. Also, I want a puppy.

Nikki is busy not talking to me on YIM today, which SHOULD be alright since she's spending the night tomorrow, and then she's stuck w/ me. But I am NOT a reasonable human being so it is not alright. So I was cranky and left to make eggs with a huffy brb message. That'll teach her! When I came back she had posted "oO Okay."

So I left a wounded, witty message that goes as such, "Although you don't seem to care, much, at all, sorry I'm cranky today. I'm not even feeling well enough to gag myself w/ a toothbrush as I brushed my teeth, or piss and moan about my eggs being too brown. :/ It's a new low. But! I'll play sims now and project my miseries onto them, and I wont have to bug the piss out of you anymore. :<" I then did not play Sims, rather, I moped around and licked my wounds.

Later she said she was in the shower, then apologized, and I was forced to admit that I really am just a bitch today.

I don't know what my problem is. Ima chill out now though. C:

Friday, July 06, 2007

OoOoO issa premier!

Season three of Doctor Who premiers tonight! Of course, I cheated and watched ahead online, but... still, it's a big deal. C: They're re-running season two for the better part of the day, and I started watching some of it... I don't care what anyone says, I loved that season. Except the Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. And everyone seemed to LOVE those! D:

Also downloading Haunted Junction again. I missed Mutsuki terribly, and her gum chewing, snarky attitude. :D It's like reuniting w/ an old friend.

It may seem like all I do during the summer is watch stuff. It's not true. I also try to avoid people (failingly so) and draw a lot more stuff.

I found this poem I wrote under my bed, when I was getting ready to bring in the new one. C: Poetry is so embarrassing, and yet I keep doing it!

A is for apple, as these always begin
B is for beauty that’s hidden within
C is for Charlie, who is the real me
D is for daring, which I could never be
E is for end, like the end of a book
F is for failing to maintain the “look”
G is grabbing the moments I’ve got
H is for hiding the moments I’ve lost
I is for inventing the person I am
S is for sorry I don’t give a damn
K is for keyboard that I pound away at
L is for looking a little bit fat
M is for mother who loves and protects
F is for never, ever forget
O is for opting to see the full half
P is for pining to hear someone’s laugh
Q is for quibbling, I try to do none
R is for races I never have won
S is for saving the letters not sent
T is for trouble, and rules that I’ve bent
U is for Utena, who taught me be to be brave
V is for various things that I’ve saved
W is for wishing on stars in the sky
X is for xtra sh0rt w0rds L1k3 kthnx &B1
Y is for yawing too much during class
Z is for ze end of this poem at last.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Daniel Jackson's Diary... the best fanfiction in the world. After Anais took it down, I was so sad... I don't understand why she did it. On the fanclub, just before she took her site down, people said she was under the weather... I hope she's okay. The lady who hosted her webspace seems to thing she's fine, but she doesn't answer my emails. I do NOT give Stargate slash the time of day. I think it's stupid. I still love this fanfic more than any other I've ever read.

Anyways, I think I may be able to find the Diary again, via links form the fanclub. Some people have it saved in their files! I think I found someone and I'm going to email her for it. <3 Randomly... stuff I drew. Recently.

Sunday, July 01, 2007



That was weird. I loved it. I wont give anything away but the finale of the third season of Doctor Who shocked and moved me.

And, why do the seasons always end with weird shit in the tardis? Just wondering.

EDIT: I need to learn not to mess with the old fans. I just do. I've spent hours replying to the long, serious, and angered replies this conjured up. Oi.